2019-05-16 06:25:03

How do I fix windows defender so it's not such a pain in the ass? I downloaded some stuff that I know if safe but since it felt it wasn't it deleted it.

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2019-05-16 11:35:12

Disable cloud protection, it might help. When you disable cloud protection windows defender won't use artificial inteligence to check the file, instead comparing it with it's virus database. Well, when cloud protection is on it does an ai check and a vdb check, but when cloud protection is off it will check only the database. I have cloud prot on my self, causee it's not hard for me to go and allow the stuff, but i'm not responsible for any viruses passed the defender if you disable cloud protection.
Try it, hth.

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2019-05-16 15:03:47

Disable realtime protection

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2019-05-16 15:48:54

@3, then why not disable windows defender at all?

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2019-05-16 20:10:54

I wouldn't disable the realtime protection if I were you. The only antivirus I have on my system is windows defender, and has kepped me safe so far. It didn't delete my files randomly or if it did, I quickly added the file to its exclusions so no harm was around. Plus, this thing can happen with any other antivirus programs too. Just windows defender is obsest with bgt files and likes to eat them, Although not all of them. For this reason, You can keep the default zip archive you download around after you extract it, so you know if windows defender is going to delete it, you add it to the exclusions list and re-extract the archive and everything is good again

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2019-05-16 21:11:34

That’s probably a better idea. Is it easy to add something to the exclusion list?

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2019-05-16 22:22:32

I've found excluding folders in windows defender to work fine with BGT stuff, I've created a folder called audiogames on my hd and made it an exception in windows defender, so if I download a zip archive and windows defender eats the exe I just move it there and unzip and it works no trouble, indeed I like the fact once you exclude a folder in windows defender it  excluded and it doesn't randomly change its mind when it updates the way some antivirus programs I've seen do (yes AVG I'm looking at you).

To add an exception, go to pc settings/update and security/windows security and tab to @antivirus [email protected] (you used to be able to get to this quickly through the action centre on the taskbar but I dcouldn't find that for some reason).

Then, go to @manage [email protected] and  find the @add an [email protected] link, and select whether you want to add a file or folder.

I personally would recommend adding a hole directory and using it for all your BGT needs, rather than trying to add files individually, but its up to you.
Go to @[email protected] and browse to the required location as normal and just hit okay.
You can also look through a list of your previously added exclusions here which is handy.

The other nice thing about this as I said, is that windows defender is surprisingly respectful of your files, so once you tell it to bug out of a given folder, it will indeed do so, even through windows updates.


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2019-05-17 04:31:18

Thanks. That did the trick

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