2019-05-14 13:11:42

Hello!I have 2 or 3 beginner question about this two games.

Stw:What i should do when my stoch hurts?I mean when my stomach hurts then i puke all over the place.Someone told me to drink water and i did that but nothing and no i didnt drink the water from the pond dirrectly.

Eurofly:How i S.O.S land?I did it once and i crashed.I put the sos frequency 121.5 when i press F it says SOS then i ctrl+f and ctrl+g i set my speed then i go for landing.
On a tutorial it did the same and i worked but for me i crash.The cause of the accident on the black box its crashing with another aircraft.
i make sure that the speed its right the flaps and the landing gear but nothing.

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2019-05-14 16:36:10

Well, in stw you should fill pots or water bottles or cups with water, not drink it from any sources directly.
I believe that different numbers are required for different crafts.

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