2019-05-14 01:11:28

Hello all,

found this on Applevis and am playing it now and having a ball.

I used to play Virtonomics but some of the interface wasn't friendly with my screenreader and we all also know that most AR games are not accessible on IOS. I have found one though that is.

Landlord Tycoon is a business simulation game where you use virtual money to buy virtual copies of real businesses and points of interest in your area. There is also a thing for buying land but I don't have access to that yet at my level.

The Map in the game is not accessible, but things are in a list mode when you go to buy and do things that is, though sometimes it reads tables strangely. For example, when you go to buy something as you swipe it says "Price" then "expected profit" and then the next two swipes reveal those numbers, rather than "price" ($X" and then "Expected Profit" and "$Y"

Even so, the game is quick to update and make changes when you bring them up to them and what I have found so far in the way of confusing layout and stuff is very easy to adapt to and I've been able to do everything I've wanted.

Right now I've been buying a pizza joint in my neighborhood, but as you level and can deal with more max cash and buy more expensive things, you can do things like buy cities, and even countries. The #1 player in the world owns the entirety of the Isle of Mann.

The game is a bit of a money pit though as you need to use "coins" to upgrade your properties and buy skills, and you also can use these "coins" to slow down wait times on certain things.  You can get up to 10 per day by watching ads. These ads aren't usually accessible (some are) but just watch the entire commercial, close the app and come back and you'll get your 2 coins from the ad. You also can get a lot of coins just by leveling up (which you do by getting enough value in property past certain thresholds)  and these get more generous as you get to higher levels.

You'll start slow, but if you keep at it you can get literally to own cities and even large amounts of money from entire countries if you keep at it. But like me, you'll probably have to start small by buying bits of a fast food joint or something a little bit at a time.

but thought I would share this with you. I don't know if the land buy thing is accessible as it is in beta and I'm not allowed to use it until I am level 10 and I'm only level 4 right now but I'll get back to you once I know.

The augmented reality part is that you only have access to buy things in most instances when you are within a certain distance of them, determined by your level and if you have purchased upgrades to extend it. For me last time I checked it was about the nearest 50 properties.

Also, I've found a lot of times you can only buy properties from the list when they are open. For example the Papa John's I am buying into is open late morning but is not open at 8 AM so I can't buy more shares in it before about 10 or 11 in the morning when it actually opened up. This confused me for a time so thought I would share it with you.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

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2019-05-14 01:42:08 (edited by bookrage 2019-05-14 01:43:13)

also forgot,

the game also employs augmented reality by the fact you get more money when actual real people visit the properties you own and this ads a bit of randomness and strategy to things. For example, a McDonalds that is often very busy is going to make you more money than a MCDonalds that isn't very busy, barring upgrades, skills, and other stuff that can artificially enhance a property's stats independent of how much business it does.

and time matters too. My Papa John's gets a lot more money on the weekends than it does on weekdays.

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2019-05-14 04:09:13

sounds kind of fun. downloading now

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2019-05-14 04:09:59

The buy land is not very accessible. It's a grid map with each square that is not labled. Selecting an area to purchase will bring up the buy option at a random point on the screen and can often times be impossible to find, if it even works at all. It was put in the game to quiet down the people who complained that the level cap on cash was too low, and that lower players can't buy anything because of the higher level players with massive cash limits. All it's done is cause the higher level players to have bigger stashes of cash. The secondary reason was that the higher players complained that they had nothing to spend their money on once they hit their property limit.

BookRage is right though, expect to pay hundreds (yes not an exaggeration) of real dollars if you wish to play this game long term and actually succeed.

You can actually watch 5 ads every 6 hours, however if you do not watch all 5, the timer will not start to reset your ads. I would also recommend never spending money on reduce property times or cash, as coins are just too valuable and are best used to upgrade your skills. As far as money goes, it's fairly easy to obtain as long as you are patient.

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2019-05-14 04:13:11

Nolly, just wondering,

how long has it been since you did the land property thing? they've been making some changes as far as I have heard.

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2019-05-14 07:18:56

Price please? I'm running on an empty iTunes account, and I want to know before I head for the app store

2019-05-14 08:10:55


at6 Well, you had about an hour when you posted that, wouldn't it have been quicker to go to the appstore yourself, click on search, type in landlord and check the price yourself? Cmon people, show some initiative.

The game is a huge cash grab in my oppinion, I am now able to buy up quite a huge number of properties and the coin usage is getting intense as fuck. Citys whihch you also can buy require coins and ingame currency to be bough and the emphersize which is put on coins is not normal anymore.

Greetings Moritz.
Greetings Moritz

Hömma, willze watt von mir oder wie, weil wenn nich, dann lass dir mal sagen, laber mir kein Kottlett anne Wange und hömma, wo wir gerade dabei sind, dann iss hier hängen im Schacht, sonns klapp ich dir hier die Fingernägel auf links, datt kannze mir mal glaubn.

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2019-05-14 08:18:17 (edited by nolly 2019-05-14 08:21:18)

BookRage I just checked it now and it is still very inaccessible. The grid says "Map pin" for every tile that is purchaseable. If you click one at random the buy button is brought up in a random place and is extremely difficult to find, if you can at all.

It is nothing like the buy property tab, where it lists all the property by name. It brings up a map of your immediate surrounding area and you have to select a square of land to purchase. The only issues are you can't see what you are buying or even find the option to buy most times.

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2019-05-14 08:21:43

Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Best regards SLJ.
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2019-05-14 08:21:47

Yeah true, i am not yet at the level where I can buy land, still have to go up one level and somehow increase my property limmit, I am now throwing out older propperties which don't bring in any big revenue and buy up others till I have a higher level and get more coins to buy the upgrade.

Greetings Moritz.

Hömma, willze watt von mir oder wie, weil wenn nich, dann lass dir mal sagen, laber mir kein Kottlett anne Wange und hömma, wo wir gerade dabei sind, dann iss hier hängen im Schacht, sonns klapp ich dir hier die Fingernägel auf links, datt kannze mir mal glaubn.

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2019-05-14 09:02:06

so what happens if you're like me and live about 10 plus miles from the nearest business? are you just out of luck?

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2019-05-14 09:17:56


At Sediment, hmm not really, you still are able to find locations around you, I think it uses the foursquare networks to find pois around you and displays them, I would just go and see what you can find.

Greetings Moritz.

Hömma, willze watt von mir oder wie, weil wenn nich, dann lass dir mal sagen, laber mir kein Kottlett anne Wange und hömma, wo wir gerade dabei sind, dann iss hier hängen im Schacht, sonns klapp ich dir hier die Fingernägel auf links, datt kannze mir mal glaubn.

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2019-05-14 15:19:51

for all you Android users, this game works really well and even tells you all the property in your area in a list view.
if you tap the 3 dot menu at the left hand side of the screen at the top, you will be able to click on buy property.
it seems to me that the android side of things works better with talkback at the moment so if you have the option to use android, i'd suggest you use android for now.

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2019-05-14 16:31:37

That is cool, I was wondering and put this to download on my a5(2016) and report back to you after I see if it works or not.
But I am glad that someone found out sooner than me and it works pretty good.
Howp the Samsung game launcher does not do any problem to me lol.

I am myself and noone is ever gonna change me, I am the trolling master!

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2019-05-15 20:47:11

most  properties I buy don't cost any coins, though you can spend coins in order to speed up processing times and such.

The adds can get you a decent amount of coins as can leveling. Just remember to watch a few of those garbage ads every now and then.

As for the properties list, I think it does points of interest within a set number. For example, I think at my level, including country and cities and stuff, it gives me about the nearest 50 points of interest. They are not all straight-up businesses, as there are a couple schools and a park or two and a few things like that as well on this list.

You can also buy upgrades to make the list longer and I think even it gets longer with level but don't quote me on that.

As for some people saying there is never anything to buy. I'm in a medium-sized city. All of the city I live in is owned but two nearby cities are only partially owned and the vast majority of properties in my area are not ownd at all so I have a lot I can do in my immediate neighborhood.

But thanks for letting me know of the problems with the land and all. Hopefully they will fix that.

The game is free Elizabees but it uses a lot of coins which you can get by watching ads or leveling as well as purchasing but it does really try to nudge you to buy stuff since I'm being honest.

I haven't bought anything yet with real money and I'm quite pleased with the game even so right now.

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2019-05-15 20:50:29

the normal propertys don't cost coins, but when you start leveling the normal propertys won't net you enough income to advance decently fast, so you have to invest into citys which costs coins, and quite a number of those, the ads will bring around 2 coins per add, so 12 coins per 6 hours.

Greetings Moritz.

Hömma, willze watt von mir oder wie, weil wenn nich, dann lass dir mal sagen, laber mir kein Kottlett anne Wange und hömma, wo wir gerade dabei sind, dann iss hier hängen im Schacht, sonns klapp ich dir hier die Fingernägel auf links, datt kannze mir mal glaubn.

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2019-05-15 21:01:21

as far as I can tell samba as I've looked into investing, Cities cost a lot of cash but no coins. But yeah, expanding your list of properties you can own is definitely something that can eat at your wallet. I've got enough to deal with that for now, but thanks for letting me know.

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2019-05-15 21:07:47

okay Simba is right there, but I'm wondering whether that is an either/or thing?

When I tried to buy it, it simply said I didn't have enough cash, so not sure whether I could purchase it with one or the other. I had neither enough coins nor enough cash, so wonderinf if it is one or the other? It would suck if it was both.

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2019-05-15 21:14:47


sorry to say, but it is both, no this or that. I also thought that in the first place that you could either use coins or cash, but found out buy purchasing a part of a nearby city that you need both to purchase.

Greetings Moritz.

Hömma, willze watt von mir oder wie, weil wenn nich, dann lass dir mal sagen, laber mir kein Kottlett anne Wange und hömma, wo wir gerade dabei sind, dann iss hier hängen im Schacht, sonns klapp ich dir hier die Fingernägel auf links, datt kannze mir mal glaubn.

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2019-05-15 22:44:02

the proble I"m having is the estimates are not even remotely close to how much I'm making per day.
I make just a fraction so I'm starting to wonder if there is a way to check more accuretly how much you make before buying

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2019-05-15 23:39:01

I'm not sure but I actually tend to make far more than is estimated.  at the property I own. buying a few upgrades for your thing can help.

You also don't buy all of your property at once so you only get expected profit thereabouts from the percentage you own, not the whole thing.

Also, it can average too. For example on weekends my Papa John's pizza gives me a lot more money than it does on Mondays so you aren't going to get the same results every day.

That's all I know for certain. It might be because you own little of the property or properties, or it just might be a slow day and it will be made up on busy days.

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2019-05-16 21:18:09

I love this game.
It does want you to buy things, but even in a tiny town, I'm already worth twelve million dollars, so you can succeed in a place that's small.
Plus, take it with you if you visit a bigger town, stock up on cash, and buy properties there.

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2019-05-17 04:32:49

Few things about the game. Yes the Major cities and towns do take cash as well as coins to purchase. 50 coins per 0.1% of the total property. Countries also take both cash and coins, 13,500 per 0.1% of the property. The cities listed on your main buy properties tab do not necessarily reflect all the towns that you can purchase in your area.

Estimated profit is just an estimate and is rarely accurate since the rate of income is determined by a number of things including a hidden factor of traffic of a property that only the developer can see.

Property values can go up and down depending on the rate of traffic to a particular property (trend).

The amount of money you receive for rent each day for your property goes down every time you level by a small percentage. So unless you are raising your skills that affect increasing rent and decreasing daily costs, your income will slowly drop as you level.

Bidding in the market costs a coin every time you bid, so it's best to not try to bid constantly but rather to make a large bid, and avoid chasing a property by bidding on it multiple times.

Buy land increases your total property value and does not increase your income. It's main purpose is to increase the amount of money you can hold by helping you level.

The best way to raise your level quickly is to sell a portion of a city or town (0.1%) on the market, and then turn that profit into something bigger. It will take coins to truly succeed, however the market is the fastest way to make money. I started out by selling a $100 million value (0.1%) of my city on the market and got $4 billion in return. This can be done even by selling a $100 million total value property. You won't gain nearly as much as a city or town, but it's a good kick start if there are tons of properties in your area.

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2019-05-18 09:56:45

for those of you that are playing, lets say you have 400 million, is it better to invest it in a city or is it better to buy multiple properties before investing in something that expensive?

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2019-05-18 17:13:03

Hi uys! I'm playing the game with an Android phone and it's perfectly playable and accessible, have a good time!


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