2019-05-06 17:35:57

erm erm Congratulations! You just unlocked the Time for a new computer achievement! Oh man, you beat Stephen's score of 18. Guess you better go tell him. You know, he has too many computers anyway, so while you're at it go ask him for a computer. Maybe he'll give you a mac. Come on bro, give gamer2004 a mac. You could live with out one
no thanks i don't want mac but ivan bro seriously add scoreboards for free players too.

you can contact me with email: [email protected], or you can find me in quentine sceenes playroom named gamer2004

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2019-05-06 21:35:20

so where is the shop?

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2019-05-06 22:25:38

Allso bought it and the game says my name is not in the Database.


Dennis Zwicker

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2019-05-06 22:54:46

thats why i dont touch this guy's games,

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2019-05-06 23:11:49

I really don't want to pay $5 to access a scoreboard anyway. That doesn't seem right to me. However, I do still think the concept of the game is very nice.

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2019-05-07 00:06:41

welcome to another addition of pay to play!

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2019-05-07 02:31:59 (edited by ivan_soto 2019-05-07 02:32:22)

@Omer, sounds like a personal problem haha.
@audiogame, welcome to another 'blind person who wants everything free' post huh?


2019-05-07 03:15:36

Ivan, no. I actually dont' want the game free. Hell no. Work is work, and I feel that a developer should have or do whatever they wish with it, I just dislike that you are basically saying, "Hey players! If you don't pay for this little game, then fuck, you." I mean, what's the point of playing free. You can't post on the scoreboard, you can't unlock cheatcodes. You can't like do anything that gives the true player a sense to buy the thing. How do I know that I won't pay for a reason or problem that can't be fixed. How do I know that i'll pay and keep my key. Because when you last gave me a key, I had to register twice. Like wow? I don't know if the bug is fixed or not. I mean, if your going to make the game paid, then make a demo. Make a demo detailing these things. Show off posting to the scoreboard, show off the modes. Make it so players who are paying actually have a reason to pay. Show off proof so nobody can argue against it. Sure, people can argue whatever they want to argue, but that still doesn't mean that they're right, but with no proof the player could be giving you five dollars for nothing. Trust me its happened before.
Of corse, it's your game, but I'm just trying to suggest a way to assure how worth it the game actually is. Like it would show us as the players, oh look, it sounds like a cool concept, lets try it. It would work more in your favor if anything at all.

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2019-05-07 05:22:26

about cheat code thing where can I find it after register I don't see from menu or directory
about shop and other menu that not appear you must pay to unlock this still my opinion it isn't not fair at least you must show off all menu and limit access some menu if not register so player can review what would it is

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everyone can collect in everyday.

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2019-05-07 10:12:07

The game doesn't save my achievements and stats when I exit. is that normal?

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2019-05-07 11:24:49 (edited by omer 2019-05-07 11:25:27)

hello ivan
if your doing something, you gotta do it right
your custommers are buying things from you, and you love to discontinue afterwords, the tk is a uge example for this
and people already reporting that they having problems with your transactions
how can i trust you after that events?
and sorry i dont spend a penny  for just accessing fiew cheats and a scoreboard

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2019-05-07 12:36:03

See, Even texted the guy because figured it would be the easiest way to get a hold of him because, in my case, okay. Let's be fair. I am hosting for him an so hints why I stated in my posts above that I checked email logs and my email address, sense it's a q.com email, and they are not taking it, it showed up in the mail logs as bounced. Oops? Forgot about that, and probs should have used another email, but texted Ivan to see if I could get it changed to another email, that way, I wouldn't have to repay the 5 bucks and no, answer.

Jonathan Candler, A.K.A, Jonnyboy

2019-05-07 12:38:21

@37, oh well. It seems he doesn't care maybe?

flawless victory!

2019-05-07 13:12:39

hi, so, I hawe a problem.  as I buyed this game wit pay pall, I get an e-mail  wit a tk key. I tryt to wrighte my name and this key, because I hthinked its for this balon master. but the game says this key is invalled. what can I do about that?

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2019-05-07 13:22:59 (edited by ivan_soto 2019-05-07 13:23:47)

Hey there,
@Jonnyboy1991, I have sent you an email with my personal email with the key. If you have not gotten it, let me know so I can resend somewhere else. I sent this email as soon as you texted me, or as soon as I saw the text anyway.
Guys, I'm really sorry about this TK mixup. It looks like Paypal changed their developer page so I can't disable auto-return for that payment button. Do not get confused, TK and balloon master are two different games. Tonio, I have accepted your contact request on skype and sent your key that way. My email server seems to be blacklisted from a lot of custom mailing servers. If you can, please whitelist [email protected] from your email so you can get your key.
At Omer, I will try to see what I can do about recording demos for the paid modes like scoreboards, stuff like that. I had a lot going on last night, but I spent a good chunk of the night coding for BM. I will try to post an update soon, I just do not want to rush things guys.


2019-05-07 15:08:33

Your unnecessarily making yourself look stupid, extremely entitled and holier-than-thou. What's new? God man I really think you should, a try and get your priorities straight or b, address your concerns in a manner that doesn't sound like a five-year-old kicking and screaming after mommy denied you dessert. I know I'm not the only one to have noticed this as a recurring issue with you, all one needs is a look over your profile to prove my point.

So dodging your extremely patronizing attitude, this is not "pay to play". How much are you paying to open up that menu and start a game? Nothing is stopping you, financial or otherwise, from enjoying the game. If you happen to like it, or believe the developer did a decent job, you can show your appreciation by way of microtransactions. These are meant as nothing more than an additional source of income, a pat on the back as it were. As a little thanks, you get two, optional, features. A scoreboard and access to cheat codes. If paying for cheat codes is the only way your able to play, you might be doing something wrong. If you absolutely require a scoreboard well I honestly dunno what to tell ya aside from, ya don't.

Audiogame wrote:

I just dislike that you are basically saying, "Hey players! If you don't pay for this little game, then fuck, you."

What the hell is this even suppose to mean? I've read over this topic and I'm drawing a blank. Please show where, precisely, Ivan does what you accuse in any way shape or form. Right now I'm passing this one off as irritation or a wish to have the extra features. Ivan has remained calm and professional here, and you slinging baseless accusatory blame does little more to deter us from seeing your greater point whatever that might be.

Audiogame wrote:

I mean, what's the point of playing free. You can't post on the scoreboard, you can't unlock cheatcodes.

Oh cry me a frickin river. I'm so sorry you can't freely obtain optional thank you features that are really nothing more than that. What's the point of playing free? You get to wait for it, play, play the game. Mind boggling concept. This, folks, is what entitlement looks like.

Audiogame wrote:

You can't like do anything that gives the true player a sense to buy the thing.

Huh? You can't post to a scoreboard, you can't unlock cheat codes. You can play. That should be preview enough. The ability to post to a scoreboard and use cheats to change certain values isn't rocket science. How much extra explaining does that demand?

I agree, the payment situation is less than desirable, but such is the way of unforeseen anomalies in the development process. He's been relatively apologetic so far, and unless I'm mistaken others have gotten the ability to play freely at this point.

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2019-05-07 15:34:49 (edited by cmerry 2019-05-07 15:35:53)

So I thought about posting something erlier, but carter just said everything I would have. I get the feeling that if someone like, oh I dunno, liam or phillip came along and released a similar game as ivan's with the same demo restrictions you people wouldn't be throwing a fit about it.
On another note, like the game so far. I'd buy a key if it weren't for the fact that most of my money is in cash at the moment, but that can hopefully change soon. 5 dollars is actually a very reasonable price for what you get.

2019-05-07 15:39:35

While it didn't reach the point of being addicting as you did praise it that much (at least for me), it's yet a fun game for some time but I don't think it worths paying 5 dollars to gain access to the scoreboards.

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2019-05-07 16:05:00

Scoreboards and cheat codes aren't that important to me, but game modes are. Surely you guys will agree that when those come, $5 isn't an outrageous asking price for what you get?
I am a little worried though, since while I don't like getting caught up in the past, especially when I wasn't around to see it firsthand, it does seem that there is some suspicion floating around about this dev. I'm really hoping the payment issues are arising from technical difficulties and not some negligent/deliberate actions. I'm going to assume the former, but in any case I am becoming a little worried, and am hoping that everything will check out.

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2019-05-07 16:17:53

At post 40, I'll check my email again and see if I have gotten it. I'll text you if anything if I didn't receive it.

Jonathan Candler, A.K.A, Jonnyboy

2019-05-07 16:22:55

Sorry for the double post, but I got your email and things are working now. Thanks man.

Jonathan Candler, A.K.A, Jonnyboy

2019-05-07 17:43:00

Well, I hope the game modes get added in. However, I also think this was released way before it should've been, like it seems like things are being scrambled to get done that should've been done way earlier. I don't think it's unreasonable to pay $5 to unlock the game though, just that the release was hasty and a bit unorganized is all.

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2019-05-07 17:46:21


another poster posted about this and I'm having the same issue,, I can't find the shop.

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2019-05-07 17:59:00

This might be a false positive, but just a heads up that Windows Defender detected the .exe as a virus.

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2019-05-07 18:29:57

windows deffender is detecting bgt games as a virus.
Ok dude i don't have anything against of paid mode, but, paying of scoreboard, ahem in my oppinion this game is borring for free players what they can for have fun? no scoreboards, no cheats, etc.

you can contact me with email: [email protected], or you can find me in quentine sceenes playroom named gamer2004

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