2019-06-12 21:51:40

I don’t really remember James Gregory getting many mentions in Long walk to freedom. I remember his name popping up a few times, but that was it as far as the book was concerned.  BTW, there is this extremely strange bug with Siri. If you ask him who was the President of South Africa pre-1994, you will always get the same answer.  Nelson Mandela.  No matter how far back you look. 1944? Nelson Mandela. 1918? Nelson Mandela. 1655? Nelson Mandela. LOL!  Okay I just checked. Siri will always give the same answer from the year 1800. Also, Nelson Mandela had one of the most iconic voices in history. That voices instantly recognisable. If there’s anyone on the forum who doesn’t know who Mandela is, please tell us? I’m very curious to see if such a person actually exists. No offence to those who really don’t know him though.

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