2019-05-02 22:50:08

i kinda agree with nuno. Though i'm learning nothing currently, but i know that you can find pritty much books/tutorials/other stuff to learn python.
And @20, i have a feeling that if something is hard to do you will never do it. That's not a good position.

flawless victory!

2019-05-04 04:03:07

@24, very good points. I just started working with Python, and I really like it so far, especially the interpreter (or practice area if you prefer) you get when you run Python by itself from the command line. So far, I've used the Print() command to display text, and figured out how to accept input, such as to ask a user for their name.
I'm also going through the Diving into Python book, but am looking at other tutorials as well.


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Kelly Sapergia

2019-05-05 20:39:50

.I would recommend either java script or python

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