2019-04-15 22:15:45

Hello folks. Since it is just some brainstorming about game elements, I've decided to post it here, I'd like to ask to a moderator to move it if necessary. On to the subject then.
As the title suggests, I'd like to get opinions on how could we customize a character for an audio perspective. I know we have lots of ways to do it regarding visuals, or even text descriptions. A problem we have with text though, is that some games are hugely fast passed, and we may not have time to stop and read it. I know we could add various things regarding the character's voice, but it is all I can think for now.
Best regards, Haramir.

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2019-04-15 22:53:04

If your taking text descriptions out of the equation, it effectively means your down to just sound to show elements of the character, voice, style of speech, clues about the sounds of their movement which indicate things about their gate, stance equipment etc, however there are lots of details which would not be clear.

For example, it'd be easy to tell by the swing of a melee weapon whether it was a boardly light or heavy weapon, and by the sound of it being drawn whether it is a long metal blade like a sword, or a short blade like a dagger, and of course bows and crossbows come with their own sounds.
However, just because your character has a sword, it is not  what design of sword it is, or how it is being used just from the sound. Oh yes, you could have a switch sound, but is that then a slim oriental type blade? A scimitar? A long straight sabre?

And how about if there is no drawing sound. You could have a heavy swing, but is that a staff, an axe, a club or a polearm?

Then there are matters like hair style and build. To an extent you can determine a character's approximate weight by the sound of their footsteps, though even then, a light person walking heavily might sound the same as a heavy person walking lightly, and that's before we get into the problems  distinguishing footwear types.

You could have  swishing sounds which would approximately tell you whether the person is wearing loose clothing, but unless the material of the clothes were of a specific sort, such as a rustling silk dress or a creaking set of leather armour, you wouldn't tell too much, after all, people's movement in a lighter dress, a business suit or indeed a ranger in full medeival jerkin and hoes sound fairly the same.

So,  from a standpoint  appearance your probably best off allowing text descriptions, though manifestly only having them in a context where they wont' hamper the gameplay, EG in an examination system.
That is of course if the gross appearance of your character matters, since in many situations, it simply might not do, after all if your playing an action game, your probably more concerned with not getting your character  eaten by zombies, or shot by robots or slaughted by goblins to sit back and admire their sartorial elegance big_smile.

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2019-04-15 23:28:02

Yeah, Dark had a lot of good points. To add to that, the sound of their gear, and depending on setting and time period, what different types of gear might sound like. They could be wearing a backpacks with a lot of D rings on it for clipping stuff to, which might rattle. There might be a canteen around their neck which could swing around, sloshing the water within. The weapon on their back, if it's a rifle in a sling, you'd hear the sounds from the straps. Boots would make different types of sounds. A sort of calf high work boot or military boot would make a different sound than a boot with a heal, like a cowboy boot, and if it was a cowboy boot, does it have spurs and if so, they'd probably be rattling around.

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2019-04-15 23:32:01

Hello Dark, good catch. It would be for an only MMO rpg. But I don't want to go into many details on what would the gameplay will be, since I'm not working alone on it, and we would like to present a nice surprise on our first public test. I guess we could mix sounds and text then. As always, I'm looking forward for more ideas.
Best regards, Haramir.

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