2019-04-15 00:08:11

Hello!I bought A heros call.This game is awsome.It deserves the money.
But i have some questions.
1.When i press number keys 1-6 what they mean?Lets say a item is value 34.What it means?
2.Where can i buy items?Only General store and blacksmith?
3.how i know if i found a item that is better then my own?What do i need to look for?


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2019-04-16 03:42:59

Hello, it will tell you during the tutorial after you are done battling along side the guard. I also thing reading the manual in your ahc folder will help as well as looking at youtube.com. I always go there for help. HTH.

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2019-04-16 05:25:38

Everything is in the manual.

I'm the captain of this ship,
don't worry about the little clicks,
Everything is working fine,
nevermind that audible whine.

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