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I originally wanted to make a long list of cards belonging to psychic type and compare it to cards that did similar things of other types, and I will do this if anyone asks for it. For now, however, I will point out a few things. With the recent introduction of the dice cards, the imbalance between psychic types cards, there power and the rest has become even more glaringly obvious.  For example, take a look at some of the new dice cards. Also, psychic has an interesting habit of doing everything twice to four times as well as any other type. For example, the hipnosis card makes you fall a sleep for like six turns. Most other sleep cards in the game do from 1 to 3. Then, there is dream eater, absorbing everything it takes away, yet another thing very few cards in this game if any do. Speaking of that, the other healing cards are quite powerful, with very little work involved to get these results. Where in a type  fairy deck, you would have to build up the musical note cards, Grass may come close to this, but it also requires a little work.  Then, there are  success  cards. The most I usually see out of  success cards and any other type, is level two. With psychic, it’s level four in either direction, plus or minus.

And then there arethe amnesia  cards and mini amnesia cards. These could take away about 64 levels in total. The goal of psychic seems to be immobilizing the opponent and keeping them that way, then dealing massive damage to them.

One counter to my argument is the fact that psychic has only a few direct attack cards from what I’ve witnessed.  But I think the amount of high-powered cards in the sheer volume of them over compensates for this.


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