2019-04-14 08:11:40 (edited by Zarvox 2019-04-14 08:12:34)

Hi, I feel like complaining. So here's a pointless over dramatic rant. Warning this may make no sense.

Why do both slash and back slash toggle the announcements? Why have both instead of just one? And back slash already has a function in the deck manager, so can't the back slash function for announcements be removed? I want it deleted! I want it gone! Stop wasting my keyboard's space!

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2019-04-14 10:23:16

Hi, I actually agree with you. the issue is, where US peeps have backslash, we, UK peeps have hashtag. So if we hammer backslash, absolutely nothing would happen. My personal suggestion would be to retain slash, which is what I suggested originally, and nuke out backslash  hashtag, and whatever else it is on other keyboards.

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