2019-04-11 10:36:55

Hello. To be onnest, I am tired of coppies. The game is not bad, but is it not original. I am wondering what will happen next years if all devs are the same attitude like yours? We will play the same games with changed sounds? I don't have something personal with you, that is my point of view.

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2019-04-11 14:47:02

Omer, if you think your sounds are still being used without your consent, let me know which sounds they are so they can be changed. I’ve never played any swamp mod, so.

2019-04-11 15:14:44

i dont mind it man, just continue what ever your doing,

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2019-04-11 15:15:31

AlirezaNosrati wrote:

so freedom of speech doesn't exist here anymore?
no there's still some freedom of speech, but the problem is lack of experience in some mods.


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2019-04-11 17:52:43

Ignoring the flamewar,*hurridly swallows popcorn*
I like the game, but it's really hard, especially if you get a drastically sped up sediment and a sediment swarm, also Bran's should be dodgable.

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2019-04-11 18:46:57

@DaddySpice I'd say half correct. Remember, I'm technically taking on a role as well and I was the one who had the final say on the new mods. It's a learning experience together.
Thus, we all discussed the warning on list and pretty much agreed it went too far.
Regarding who uses what code, why can't it be called a collaboration?
I am wondering something. Is there a chance, that between you, you could come up with something in private, a statement if you will, backed up by both of you, or maybe three of you if necessary, that can be posted here once agreed upon, that lets us get rid of this confusion once and for all? Also, here's the other thing. When we add this to the db (and we will once more stuff gets added, you said yourself this isn't quite the final version), what should we put in the developer column?
To me, I feel like it's definitely a collaboration, there's no stolen code as such but there's the giving out of code, that's two different things. I have a feeling that a resolution can be reached, or at least a statement of sorts. Either way, I hope that you all continue working on the game because this version is absolutely looking awesome.

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2019-04-11 18:49:19

I’ve actually killed brans for the new ver. Again nothing against brandon, but they didn’t really do anything special, only shoot arrows which made the game almost unplayable.

2019-04-11 21:08:37

possibly coading an auto updater?   bearing in mind i doant no how to coand anyting so that could be hard how about something to randumly  freeze the sedaments? for say 10 seconds?

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2019-04-11 21:43:23

Auto updater already exists in the version i’m testing with friends. As for an item to freeze the sediments, that’s actually a really good idea and i’ll do that as soon as i can. Thanks.

2019-04-11 23:31:16

You mentioned, in the credits, that the mini game is similar to a feature in scrolling battles. Which version of scrolling battles has this feature, is it scrolling battles pro, as it has been a while since I have played any of those games, and this has made me a little interested again.

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2019-04-12 00:59:49

No, it was the scrolling battles, the one he open sourced, 8.6 or 9.6. I think re write has that feature as well, but that was where it originated from.

2019-04-13 00:46:27

What is the point of moving in the first minute of the game?

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2019-04-13 02:12:36

Na, not really. I should probably just get rid of that minute of nothingness.
I’ve been making a lot of adjustments lately to balance out the game, etc etc, however i’d be curious to see if anyone has been able to beat it with the difficulty as high as it is currently.
The boss mode has been almost completely re done. The concept is still the same, however doom is a lot more interesting now and can do a lot more stuff.

2019-04-13 08:50:08

i made up to      213 sec then i got crushed

2019-04-13 10:37:06

I did manage to beat the game once, out of about 20 plays, which means it's definitely too hard. Possible discussion points below:
1 unavoidable arrows from the brans. This general concept is a huge turnoff for many gamers. We really hate having enemies that we can literally do nothing about. You can't run from, duck, block or otherwise stop the arrows from hitting you and you can't kill, trap, or wait out the brans. At least you can outrun them.
2 The items do more harm than good. Usually you get something that spawns another mine, spawns another sediment, spawns 2 sediments, spawns 5 sediments, or speeds up the sediment in some way. I have also noticed that if you get a random sediment modifier thing, it's more likely to speed the sediment up than slow it down. And it can speed the sediment up to double the speed that it was before. That is simply outrageous, and a single item shouldn't do that. I've even contemplated playing through the game only picking up items till I get enough healthy outlaws and speed boosts to survive the time, then just avoiding items because they're simply too risky. Probably should fix that
3 trapping: it's really, really hard to trap anything. I did manage to trap something, purely by accident. I think you should be able to trap brans though.
4 The boss: When I played the boss level I didn't even get to see him. I just gathered my points and cleared out
5 The minigame: Can you at least tell us how many doors we destroyed?
6 achievements: It's pretty easy to see you were fairly desperate for achievements, as there's an achievement for doing, literally, everything. That's not how achievements should work, imho. You should get them for continued playing of the game more. Get killed by 5 brans. Get killed  by 20 brans. Get stomped by 5 sediments. 20 sediments. 100 sediments. Pick up 50 items. 200 items, 1000 items, etc. But that's not really something bad about the game. Just something to make people want to play more.

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2019-04-13 14:40:27 (edited by cmerry 2019-04-13 14:44:37)

Key, most of your ideas are already in the new ver. The boss is a lot more difficult now, you can’t just avoid him completely like you could before. As for items, i’ll make them a little more random, as in, more likely to do good and bad things rather than mostly bad. This has already been helped by the sediment stun items, which btw already saved my ass plenty of times.
Assuming all goes well i’ll probably have the update out by the week end, if not sooner.

2019-04-14 01:05:00 (edited by jack 2019-04-14 01:13:08)

Urm, how'd you manage to get Evil Santa into the game, did Liam give you permission for that? That would be a name that sure wasn't dropped in the credits.
Oh yeah, if you couldn't tell, I beat the game. Lol. The lead-up was harder than the boss I will say, but that'll be different likely when the boss gets redone and the game gets more balance.

I'm the only adventure at c: master hahahaha I have unlocked just about everything!

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2019-04-14 02:52:03

I think those sounds are in freesound, i’m not sure since i wasn’t the one who added those. I’m thinking of re doing those anyway with my own voice, problem is my yeti has quite a lot of echo and stuff. Anyway.

2019-04-14 05:14:27

I would say a definite no to freesound, as I'm pretty sure Liam did the Evil Santa voice. Guess someone else who touched the game probably added it in.

I'm the only adventure at c: master hahahaha I have unlocked just about everything!

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2019-04-14 07:34:57

Well the only other person who actually did stuff was brandon, and i don’t think he could have lifted those sounds. I’m also pretty sure i remember liam saying they were freesound during a stream. I’ll have to do some searching.

2019-04-14 09:21:03

if Liam did the evil Santa voice, how come it's featured in season 2 of spongebob. witch, if my memory serves, was in 2001.

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2019-04-14 12:00:29

no, they are not made bye liam, i'M pritty sure about that
as an offer, i can galdly work with you about designing things along with you

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2019-04-14 15:55:58

Take that back then. It was the x1 voice Liam definitely did, but the Evil Santa voice must've been from a different sound source then. We're good y'all.
Also, if you guys need sound help I could do that as well. I made an Oh Shit sound mod based off of sounds I had purchased from libraries, and a few sounds created from the ground up.

I'm the only adventure at c: master hahahaha I have unlocked just about everything!

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2019-04-17 06:21:19 (edited by cmerry 2019-04-17 06:22:41)

I just uploaded a new concept demo. Grab it from the link in the first post. Due to issues regarding to internet connection on my end I had to leave the updater out of this one, but it'll come soon.
@jack, i'd be interested to try that oh shit mod of yours. Is there a link somewhere I could grab it from?

2019-04-17 07:12:31

Quick update, fixed the boss mode being unplayable thanks to my stupidity. Also fixed a bug that would sometimes let you just skip right to the boss mode if you timed things right.