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This will be a rough guide, written in like 20 minutes in school.
This will be periodically updated, so watch for it.

What is The Killer?

The Killer is an online first person shooter. It has a large main map, a decently large playerbase, and quite a few items.
I will not be covering keys, that is in the readme.


Fists: These do decent dammage, bypass shields, and can fire as fast as you can spam control. Overall pretty good weapons if you don't have anything else on hand.
Knife: Decently fast, short range, good chanse to bypass shields, decent dammage, sounds painful as all hell. Not a vary good weapon, but still usable.
Shotgun: Horrible range, horrible spread, decent dammage, slow, barely any shield dammage. The second worst weapon in my opinion. Capacity: 7.
Sniper: Vary vary good weapon. About 150 range, vary good dammage, pretty good speed. Slows you down. Good weapon for bringing down someone's shields before you close. Capacity: 2.
Glock: Overall probably the best weapon if you don't have ammo for the ml7 or frnt. Pretty fast, decent dammage, pretty good shield dammage. I think the capacity is 20, witch doesn't make any sense.
ML7: The best weapon in my opinion. Makes mince meat of anyone without shields. Extremely fast, 20-30 range, good shield dammage. Capacity: 25.
Sword: Pretty good actually. 8 tile range, 3 tile spread, about 4000 dammage per hit, fires about once per second.
FRNTAssaultRifle: Second best. Fires about as fast as you can press control. Good range, good dammage, best on shields. Capacity: 30.
Crossbow: Vary good for long range anoyance. About 75 range, good dammage, good shield dammage. Capacity: 35 I believe.
Flamethrower: Absolute! worst! weapon! ever! Does like 100 dammage, fires once a second, about 10 tile range, does like 10 shield dammage, no spread. Don't use it. Capacity: 13 for some unknown reason. Seriously, I think whoever made this weapon was high on every drug amagineable when they made this.
ML420HuntingRifle: Pretty good, sniper is better. About 200 range, 4000 dammage. Capacity: 1.


All the items are pretty self explanitory.


Here, I will detail some of my favorite strategies.
Keep in mind, I think I am one of the best players in the game, amassing around 3,000 kills, and maybe 500 deaths total.
Strategys you should almost always use:
Switcheroo: Frnt there shields to oblivian, then let'em have ya ml7. Works like a charm.
Let fly: Grenades are vary good for displacement. If someone is aproaching, toss a grenade. They have about 100 tile range, and once they hit a player, they will explode in about 3 seconds in a 15 tile radius, dealing pretty good dammage.
Fox2: I think I got the number rong, but that was a reference to tdv, when a missile is launched. Missiles are good. Even if they always get interscepted, they're good for keeping your oponent on there toes. And if they do hit, they do a looooooooooooot of dammage! They take about a second to fire.
Other strategies: These are good for certain circumstances.
Coward!: Warp boxes are your friend. If someone is running, you can usually use a warp box to catch up with them. That, or tanks...
Take cover!: Tank artillerys hurhrhrhrhrhrhhrhrhrhrhrhhrhrhhhhrhrt. Like, a lot! They reach around 250 tiles, fire every 3 or 4 seconds, and do a lot of dammage! Tanks are a little clunky to maneuver, but that is something I excel at!
Pincer: It;s not really a pincer, unless you have a teammate. Flanking around people is good. If this game had constant turning, this strat would be even better, but it doesn't, because the game doesn't actually use degrees! aaaaaaaaarrrgrgrgrg!


Tk is fun, and I reccomend you play it!

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