2019-04-09 18:41:41

Since the voting doesn't help the site I will have to help out the old fashioned way and purchase some tokens.

Thumbs up +1

2019-04-11 05:25:12

For those who have played the Goose Run minigame, are you able to see what location your roll will put you on? I know there are good locations and bad locations, but I have no clue when a roll will put me on a bad location to use the re-rolls I purchased. All I see is "Graphic current location and "Graphic next location". Only after the roll is permanent does it tell me I landed on something special, good and bad. How is everyone else managing?

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2019-04-11 10:29:39

At the Goose game there are two symbols (apparently "Graphic current location" and "Graphic next location").
When you roll the die, the "Graphic next location" moves the amount of squares from your roll. The text that can appears (for example: "Wrong Turn Terrible! You took the wrong way and made it back to position 6!") is for the "Graphic next location". Which means that if you have re-rolls available, you can make that roll undone. If you use a re-roll, the "Graphic next location" should disappear for a turn, making you only have the "Graphic current location". If you throw the die again, you will have a new roll, which hopefully is better than the one you just cancelled.

2019-04-11 17:48:29 (edited by nolly 2019-04-11 17:51:18)

My issue is that I am unable to see what the Next location square is until it is too late to change/reroll. I will try the game again and see if I am missing something.

Okay I suppose I was either looking at the wrong graphic or my reader was not updating properly. I see now when they appear. That was my only issue, thank you.

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2019-04-12 15:19:17

first Noli, you make the decision to reroll after you make the roll, not before. basically for example, if you hit a pit near the end of the run that makes you have to start over, it will say, you fell in a hole and then you can use that reroll to say "That didn't happen, I'm trying again."

Also Arogandor: I'll send this to you in a letter too as I'm working on that quest right now, but there are a couple things that happened.

I got some sort of 502/505 error when fighting the killer rabbit in the tutorial quest: Victory starts here." When I did the fight again, it worked fine though.

However, there is something I think you could improve in combat. I always had to guess as to how far away I was from the enemy, which was the source of a lot of rrustration. If you could put up something that would tell us the distance from our enemies, that would be fantastic.

Thumbs up

2019-04-12 19:37:21

Thanks bookrage,I had figured out that part but the issue was I wasn't waiting long enough or manually refreshing the screen and wasn't seeing when a special square appeared. I have it now and pretty much smoked the last two games needed for the games quest.

Thumbs up

2019-04-13 11:21:19

If you experienced a 505 error then that's just our bad server acting up again. We'll solve this issue -hopefully- by moving to another host. Preparations are being made for this to happen successfully.

I realize that fighting gives indeed little clue to where you stand from your monster.
I've placed this on my todo list and hope to make it more accessible and keep you informed.

Have a nice weekend all!

2019-04-15 17:16:14

Dear Seekers,

Today I've learned and worked with the HTML headings. The first results have been uploaded on the site and can be found here:

https://thegraillords.net/home/home.php … how=skills

Please let me know if this works better. Does it help you move faster over the screen?
Based on your feedback, we can either further improve the headings or start replacing the old code with these headings for improved accessibility.

Thank you for your support & suggestions!

2019-04-16 00:40:12

That looks great!
It helps immensely to be able to get where you need to go quickly, then expand those headings to see what you need to see.

Thumbs up

2019-04-17 01:09:36

I just wanted to let anyone residing in Azetyth that I spoke with the Mayor GodsFortune and he will soon be taking a group out to the Grail Monestary for those of us who need to go, but are unsure about traveling outside of town. He would be doing the traveling and we would be spending stamina I believe as if we were making the trip ourselves. Be on the look out for a town letter with more information.

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2019-04-17 03:01:37

regarding of wana quest iii i already receive letter before quest system change does i need to complete take a look in to the book or i can send letter without effect??

about journal where can i find it i want to increase learning skill

the bestest reward for people who are working so hard they should receive their experience of their own life.
everyone can collect in everyday.

Thumbs up

2019-04-17 03:55:57 (edited by nolly 2019-04-17 05:57:22)

I don't know about the quest changes, but I believe you can purchase a journal in the market depending if someone is currently selling one in your town.

However if it is the learning skill you want to raise there is a book in the library you can read. It will take you nearly 40 days to complete it though (4000).

Thumbs up

2019-04-17 17:59:35

- If you started Wanna's Quest III before the change then you should be able to complete it as if you were able to read. smile

- Once you made or bought a Journal, you have to use it first, similar like using beds. You can do that at your items.
When you are using the journal, there should be a Journal button available on the same page, allowing to write in it once a day.
The Button should be bottom right of the page, between the "return to your residence" and the "create a weapon" button.

Hope this helps you a bit further wightfall.

2019-04-19 16:57:22

Added headings across the game, hopefully this will further improve the accessibility and speed while browsing through the Realm.

2019-04-20 21:38:08 (edited by nolly 2019-04-20 21:41:52)

The new headings are pretty awesome. I used to use the graphics or word search to easily navigate, but all the headings are great, especially when switching from your character screen and town. Thanks a ton Aro.

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2019-04-24 04:22:22

How is everyone's egg hunt going?

Thumbs up

2019-04-24 23:26:05

got enough to get a grail stamina potion from my eggs and also got 36 eggs overall so got 36 of those candies, though Prelenes are kind of a weird choice for a basic sweet.

Thumbs up

2019-04-25 11:52:39

Hello dear Seekers,

I'm happy to hear that the headings improved the game-play a bit! smile

Due to a small timing bug, the Easter Event has been prolonged until 26th of April.
If you live in Belgium, Pralines aren't very weird at all big_smile We eat them non-stop, so I found it fitting to add those in-game as a stamina boosting sweet wink

2019-04-25 13:05:27

where do I search for easter eggs? ranch? big_smile

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2019-05-07 22:45:05

Aside from Kelw, who else is playing this game?

Thumbs up

2019-05-08 02:20:31


I've signed up today and am going to check this game out and see if I like it.

I've noticed that the forms for signing up and choosing your city aren't labeled correctly for a screen reader.

Here's a website to help with that https://webaim.org/techniques/forms/

If you like harry potter fan fiction, click on this link to download a zipped folder containing 9 point something gigs of harry potter fan fiction when unzipped. It's around 3 gigs zipped. https://tinyurl.com/y9dl9zev

Thumbs up

2019-05-08 04:12:51

Hello Lord Arogandor, I've decided that the game isn't for me but wanted to write you a quick message apologizing.

I think the message I sent to you in game was all in caps, I didn't mean that. It's late and I'm tired.

If you like harry potter fan fiction, click on this link to download a zipped folder containing 9 point something gigs of harry potter fan fiction when unzipped. It's around 3 gigs zipped. https://tinyurl.com/y9dl9zev

Thumbs up

2019-05-12 15:42:20

Hello Brad,

No apologize needed smile
I don't think I've received your letter, and if I did -based on what username you picked- it certainly wasn't in caps.
Hopefully you'll find a game that better fits your taste.


The Registration page has been updated and labels for picking the gender have been added. This should make it more easy to pick your right gender. In case you would have the wrong gender, please contact me and I'll get my knife and fix it for you.

Labels also have been added when picking a town to live in while activating your account.
Please let me know if this makes your life more easy.

As always, I appreciate your feedback to improve the game accessibility.

2019-05-12 19:51:45 (edited by Dark 2019-05-12 19:52:26)

Okay I recreated my account, and I can say I'm very surprised at the access fixes here, the stuff that was confusing me with the inventory etc previously now makes a lot of sense, and I've even completed a few of the tutorial quests, as well as done some other things like jobs for people.
Oh, and I love the accessible minigames big_smile.

I'm Dark on there (inventive I know), and I put Mirage there as my referrer since she did introduce us to this game after all.

My only question at the moment involves that "daily tasks" thing under the character tab, since even though I did vote for the game on one of the sites, I didn't get an "okay" next to it the way I did after I ate some bread, ran in the Olympics  or took care of my animals, which seemed odd, indeed if you need to vote in all of those sites to get the daily reward that might be a miner pest since I'm not sure how many of those voting sites are accessible.
Other than that I look forward to exploring more of the game and doing some more of the quests, I'll say this is the first game I've actually seen cheese making as an activity, which is rather cool!

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

Thumbs up

2019-05-12 20:15:15

Hello Dark,

Welcome back to the Realm! I'm happy you gave it another try. *smiles*
I've just checked your account and you successfully voted and a green check mark is visible for me. You need to have only 1 successful vote  -out of the 3 that give a reward- to receive the check mark. Maybe the page needed to be refreshed?