2019-03-27 12:49:58

Could you tell me were exactly you experience this problem?
If I know exactly where the issue is, it most likely might be an easy thing to solve that then can be applied on all buttons in the game.

2019-03-27 13:11:03

Hey hey Great Lord!
Wellcome to the forum!

I tryed to register two days ago and got no confirmation-EMail.
Is this a problem of GMX?
I also checked the spam-folder.
My username was takrash i think, haha!

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2019-03-27 13:19:33

I'm sorry to hear the activation email didn't arrive, sometimes it just fails to succeed the delivery.
I've activated your account, you should now be able to login using your username and password provided.

2019-03-27 13:21:18

Wow, thanks a lot! I will check in at once after my lunch!

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2019-03-27 13:22:26 (edited by JasonBlaze 2019-03-27 13:29:20)

it's on the equipment page smile
also all the buttons except "Go to the Event!" on the general tab of the home page.

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2019-03-27 14:36:40

I've tried something.
If there's anyone who could tell me they see no difference at all, see improvement or even find it a possible solution, then I would appreciate smile

2019-03-27 14:40:52

I just checked a minute a go and still had a lot of unlabeled buttons.

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2019-03-27 14:52:44

ah, still no difference , can you label it the same way as you label for example the Go to the Event! button and continue your adventure button?

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2019-03-27 15:01:02 (edited by Lord Arogandor 2019-03-27 15:03:38)

Does this make any positive difference?

(game might be down again due to continuous issues with our host, usually will be back whenever it suits the staff to fix the issue. We are currently looking for a more trustworthy web hosting company then one.com)

2019-03-27 15:11:00

sorry for the trouble really... sad I'll check it out when it's back up

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2019-03-27 15:44:37

awesome! it's readable now! thank you very very much! big_smile

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2019-03-27 15:46:55

Allright! That's excellent news!

The buttons now contain the mouse-over value key. This might sometimes be a little weird, but for now all image buttons should hold that value. I will pay attention naming them so they make sense on screen readers.

If there is a specific button making no sense at all, let me know where it is and I'll give it an update!

2019-03-27 16:09:29

Strange. I cooked a meal but still get the instruction to cook something.
Is this cause of the reset?
Where can i get some new stuff to cook a simple meal?

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2019-03-27 16:16:26

When doing Bandalf's Tutorial Quest, the game checks if you either did cook a meal (and not just bought one from the Town's Restaurant) and if you ate the meal (Your status must be fed). Only then you can continue the quest.
Each reset all Seekers become hungry again. If you don't eat for multiple days your character will be staving, giving you less stamina, and skill loss.

2019-03-27 17:07:29

Aaah! Very funny!
OK, one last question for today i think, HAHA:
I used up all my stamina. Is there anything left i can do or work on any other skill which needs no stamina?
I guess i will have to wait for the next reset.

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2019-03-27 17:57:16 (edited by JasonBlaze 2019-03-27 17:58:14)

found the other page that I think need an improvement, it's the Ranch, some buttons are unlable there.
doesn't matter so much though, I could just hit feed all, but I am not sure if I can collect eggs or not for tomorrow.
also sometimes pages are took time to load, is this my connection? or the server being lag?

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2019-03-27 18:17:18

Firefly, The Grail Lords have one reset a day, so when you spend all of your stamina, there's little you can do that progresses your character. You can always play a few mini-games (although they might not be very accessible yet) at the Grail Castle:


You can also spend some time in the tavern, drinking few beers.

Jason, thanks for reporting! I placed it on the todo list and will work on improvement in that area.
We have much issues with the host, so I believe that might been the reason for the long loading of the webpage.

2019-03-27 18:32:29

Lord Arogandor, welcome to the forums and it is always nice to see new developers willing to add accessibility into their games. smile
I have been playing your game for a few days now, and must say I really like it!
only its too much fun that I can't get enough of it in the stem provided lol
That should tell you how much I like it big_smile
Welcome again and thank you

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2019-03-27 18:43:52

I'm very happy to receive so many positive reactions of people who discover and enjoy the Realm.

Without question, the restricted amount of stamina is a common issue big_smile
I'm aware that many games have a system where stamina or energy replenishes over time but we decided to stick with the one reset a day.
This allows all players to login at least once, do their thing in 5 minutes or 10 and be done for the day, this can be nice if you have busy period in your life. We don't force you to login and check every hour, neither do your character improve based on the time you spend online.
In addition, it also allows me to more or less keep up with updates! *laughs*

2019-03-27 19:07:23

I absolutely like this concept! It makes your game a little more unique!
I spend most of my daily stamina for some other player. HAHAHAHA, i hope he will appreciate it!
I realy have to look out for a bed. The process to carpen one on my own will take a long time and i did not saw wood at the market.
Tomorrow i  will spend my stamina a little more wisely, hahaha!

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2019-03-27 21:52:26

I just logged on to see the accessibility fixes, and WOW, what a difference!
I bet it took me thirty minutes on Saturday, trying to cook a simple meal.
Today it was so easy!
I can navigate the town better too.
Welcome to the forum, Arogandor, and thank you so much for your willingness to learn about accessibility, and for the improvements you've already made to the game.
This is a game I will be happy to donate to in the future for sure!

Thumbs up

2019-03-27 21:53:35


Welcome to the forum lordarogandor. Like grryf i am playing your game for several days right now, and i am really loving it. I also saw some of the accessibility fixes you have done, and very well done. It makes the realm more clear. And, i start to love it more and more. I really have to keep in mind to also have a social life, my work life, my life in love, when right, uhm, well, not only to live in your realm tongue

Keep up the awsome work smile

Greetz mike

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2019-03-28 02:37:33

The buttons in the ranch are still not labeled.

I hate your stamina system smile.  If anything, I want to play more than five or ten minutes, although I respect and understand the choice, and it won't stop me from playing a bit.

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2019-03-28 09:37:51

OK, i brewed one cheap barrel of beer. But it dont appears in my inventory. I can see it in my list when i am at the brewery. Is it not finished yet and i have to wait?

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2019-03-28 09:43:04



When it is still listed in the brewery, you still have to finish it. You can do this by pressing the work button under it, and by completing units, you can complete these units by spending your stamina. When all units are completed, the barrel will pop up in your items inventory, i think?

With the new map lables, i was able to reach the grail monastry for the wanna's quest 3, yay, another addiction tongue

Greetz Mike

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