2019-03-22 08:14:10

I just wanted to leav a quick note here saying that the download link to heaven and earth war 2 doesn't work.
I just get a 404 error.
If I remove the name of the exe file; something like aten106.exe, the page loads just fine.
I can't read Japanese, so finding the correct/updated link is a problem.

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2019-03-24 09:53:26

Hmmm this is odd.
I'm tempted to replace the link from the audiogames archive, however I am not sure, since while I couldn't read morocuma' s own website, I did find a link to download tia story which worked, and the message for heaven and earth war 2 says "service temporarily unavailable", rather than giving a 404.

So whether this is just a glitch in  servers or whether there is a new version I don't know.

Actually I need to download  jgt addon and try some of these japanese rpgs for myself.

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