2019-03-15 19:18:48

hi this is a guyde for killing the magical ball in bokurano daibouken 3. Preparation steps 1000 ore 2000 hp, magical edge to get it finish the game and in tutorial level 4 you wil find it and the final thing super uefo. getting starded go in 20.3 and stand at 38 I thing. use the super uefo and go up to 40. then go right to 40 and release the spacebarr. use c4 bomm and jump then use other c4. the battle with magical ball first go down and die. then go to 20.3 and you whil be askt do you want to start a normal level ore fight with the magical ball. click the option that tels you that you can fight with the magical ball if you click on it. when you start activate the reflection mode on the magical edge bi pressing r and use a super speed drink. then go to the magical ball. if you know the sound before it's going to fire it whil be ok. when you hear that go right. make shoor that you are verry farr from the end of the level. keep the reflection mode active and dont change weapons. you whil hear alot of fire to your left. when you are at the end of the level keep pressing enter. you whil hear a lightning and you whil get a magical peess. when you get it and the fireballs explodes go a little left and drop something but not the magical peess for example something from your items list and go a little more left. you wil hear some ice sound. if you dont hear it click d and if there is just the magical ball it whil be ok. but if you find something like dummy shell go right. but if you hear the ice sound activate the reflection mode because it is off when you get hit. if you hear something like dummy shel go right passt the item. the dummy shel is translate from jgt so maybe it whil say something other then that. that is a magical ball atack cald dark projectil and it whil kkill you in 1 hit if you dont have alot of health. when it hits the item it whil be destroyed after that the magical ball whil heal it self. and then you need to go to the magical ball and escape from the fireballs. repeat that until you have 5 magical peesses to find them go in to the colection items and you whil find them. to kill it go verry close to the magical ball then drop one of them and use the super uefo then drop the next one and use it. keep doing that until you have one more magical peess. then the magical ball whil activate the shadow mode. when it do that you need to go to 25 and use your magic hook when you are at 25 25 click enter then go to 50 25 and click enter and go to 75 25 and click enter. the magical ball wont be in shadow mode now and if you get 1 more magical peess use your 2 final magical peesses on it and it whil be destroyed and you whil get the magical ball. what atacks the magical ball have the ennemy version of the magical ball whil use it's attacks in a order 1 fireballs 2 lightnning 3 ise 4 dark projectil 5 light that whil heal it self and when you get it down to 20 hp it whil use shadow witch wont let you hit it. and finali correct me about some english words I hope that this can help others buy.

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