2019-03-14 22:37:28

hey i just installed this version of orpheus, ran the installer again to install sam, installed the NVDA addon... but it only gives me british english and no other languages. how do i get nvda 2019.1 to see the other languages? or get orpheus to install them if not installed? running windows 10 32bit on RCA cambio tablet laptop hybrid. here is a link to the exact version of orpheus i installed. and also can this orpheus be a sapi5 tts and work with audio games?

http://grossgang.com/tts/old_software_s … us%201.exe

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2019-03-15 02:18:05

not yet released the nvda 2019.1

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2019-03-15 03:43:48

He is probably using a snapshot branch of NVDA, which has beta/unstable code depending on which branch you download from.
As for Orpheus, there is no way to make use of the other languages with the SAM driver, as that driver is only meant for Orpheus 2.0.

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