2019-03-15 13:57:58

giorgi elbaqidze wrote:

oh very good addon!
if you are gonna continue developing, we will really happy and good luck!

Thank you, right now I'm focusing on making similar add-ons that can be useful.

Proof of concepts for following add-ons are made, expect to see add-ons for these things soon:
* Icon classifier, it can correctly say if the item you're on is a share button, like, bookmark, log in e.t.c.
* Main content finder, automatically identifies which part of the page is the main content and provides you a skip link to it.
* Header estimator, for pages that use headers incorrectly the add-on looks at the page visually and converts these header / paragraph tags to the correct level and heading.
* Label identifier, fixes forms where the label for input fields isn't given by looking at where the labels are located visually.
* CAPTCHA solver, when you encounter a captcha the add-on solves it for you, no need to register anywhere to an anti-captcha service.

Will post everything on http://www.screenreader.ai/

If you have any suggestion for other add-ons, please send me an email at [email protected]

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2019-03-15 14:39:29

Saw your e-mail on the NVDA add-on mailing list about the add-on, but haven't got the chance to try this. But it's sounds really cool. Will download it and give a try. And, oh yeah, +1 from me. big_smile

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2019-03-15 14:54:36

Wooow, would be awesome, i mean, that captcha solving thing you mentioned! You would make our life much much easier.

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2019-03-15 16:02:24

that's really ausumn.
I have scene some softwares which do this stuff,
but, getting image discription just by pressing 3 keys makes it more cool.
also, the capchaa solving add on is helpful.
waiting eagerly for it.

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2019-03-15 18:00:40

yeah sure captcha solver will good cause some of people is not using windows 10 so win 8.1 can't use ocr and it will cool

you can contact me with email: [email protected], or you can find me in quentine sceenes playroom named gamer2004

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2019-03-15 18:57:42

OCR cant solve captchas because of them being written like that so OCRs cant detect them, there was webvisom that copied the captchas into your clipboard, not sure if it still works though

it's challenge not chalange

2019-03-15 19:05:39

Hello! Truely an awesome add-on, my congratulations for a job well done!   however, I've seen some discrepancies in the image descriptions. for example, a photo for a friend was described as food, dishes and the same image for me was described as automobile, outdoor, etc. That's expected, though, since the project is in it's infancy and we will see aditional improvements in the future. Also, for the people who're  not on windows10 and don't have access to windows10 OCR feature, adding an optional OCR feature  would be appreciated as well. All in all, good work. Way to go! big_smile

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2019-03-15 19:18:41

i think there's already an OCR addon for nvda, for people who are not us ing win 10

it's challenge not chalange