2019-03-14 00:57:51

Because food is a topic you can come back to again and again, I advocate for keeping this open so long as you, or I, or the guy and the girl next door, or their brother's sister's cousin's boyfriend's foodstamps caseworker's great grandmother's pet chicken comes in and talks about what we're all eating today, tonight, tomorrow, in three weeks, whatever!
My last meal of the day consisted of a three cheese pizza topped with tons of pepperoni, breadsticks and some squarish cinamon rolls... I have it from my wife they were supposedly also pizza and that they were shaped more like triangles, but the piece I got was squarish, meaning she didn't cut it right... Ha ha ha!  I had apple pie for breakfast, because I don't really know how to be original and skipped lunch altogether.
Tomorrow, I know that I'm in charge of making oatmeal and buttered toast for a certain woman who shall not be named...  I'm still not sure what I'll be eating for breakfast, which is partially why I started this topic; maybe you'll help me?
Oh, and BTW, just talk about food, even if you're not eating it!  Chicken wings, candy, potato chips, hamburgers, ice cream, pickly pickled pickles pickled by picklers... I have two cats talking about food on my bed!  What more can you do!

I do not know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future.

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2019-03-14 01:17:25

I just had New England Progresso Clam Chowder.
Tomorrow hopefully I'll have a banana muffin and some peanut butter ⠞⠕⠁⠌⠲

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2019-03-14 02:20:23

save the trees: eat beaver!

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2019-03-14 07:17:44

I just had teriyaki grilled salmon and mushrooms, and a bottle of orange juice. I usually have something much more bizarre, but these have to do for now. People usually cringe when I tell them what I actually like, lol.

My sskype : mars.bhuntamata, add away buddy. If you think you are crazy, I am as well. I may be even crazier, who knows.

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2019-03-14 07:39:28 (edited by Dark 2019-03-14 07:44:05)

Actually this is quite an appropriate  topic, since just a few hours ago my brother and I took my dad out for a rather interesting meal at a restaurant attached to a local catering college.

they always do some pretty  interesting stuff, and being a test  case for students studdying to be silver service chefs and table staff isn't a bad thing, especially since you tend to get amazingly good grub at amazingly cheap prices.
Occasionally they do special events or themed nights, EG meals from around the world, and yesterday was a butcher's evening with a really amazing local butcher who repeatedly wins the  national sausage championships, (No I didn't know there was a national competition for sausage making either, but apparently there is)..

Here is the menu since it was an interesting one;

Pig in blanket, Merguez, black pudding & chicken lemon & tarragon chipolatas with a
Nottingham EPA flatbread and garlic mayo
Royal Savoury Ducks (faggots)
With English style gravy or Hungarian Pörkölt sauce, lattice crisps and mushy pea purée
Snooty ‘Snag’ & Mash
Choose 3 sausages from the following national gold award winning sausages:
Magyar, Lincoln, Old Original, Cumberland Gold or Robin Hood venison & pork. Served with
wholegrain mash and thick English gravy
The Sweet Snobby Dog
Choose from either: a chocolate, cappuccino and chili sausage or caramelised banana filled hot
dog doughnut bun with and raspberry coulis ketchup and custard mustard

Oh, and btw before we horrify any Americans, "faggots" in this case is a spicy, large sized meatball cooked with grain, somewhat similar to a haggis. They're popular in the north of England and extremely nice, Mrs. Dark has great fun telling everyone back in Pennsylvania how she enjoys roast faggots for tea big_smile.

The meal itself was lovely. Though it was obviously heavy on the meat, things  calculated so you didn't end up feeling bloated afterwards, the dessert was particularly awesome, which yes, did indeed look like a hot dog, but with a doughnut instead of a hot dog bun.

the Pork sausage with chocolate and chilly was not as sweet as it sounds, but went very well with the doughnut, even my dad, who is not a lover of desserts really enjoyed it.
also, the Hungarian sauce with the faggots was really nice, though as I am a fan of goulash and the sauce was a  recipe it  definitely my sort of thing.

Sadly today grub will be a bit more ordinary, as I'm staying at my parents for a  days my mum will probably do porridge and maple syrup for breakfast, though as its about six in the morning here at the second that probably won't be for a few hours big_smile.

Usually its my mum who cooks because she always does, though dad cooks occasionally, he tends to be a bit more experimental where mum is a bit more traditional.
Ironically in my case its usually me who cooks, though often my  definition of "cooking" just involves chucking stuff in the oven or at most slinging some meet and some cook in sauce into the slow cooker and letting it sit  a few hours.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
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2019-03-14 08:16:33

@5 damn that menu sounds like heaven! smile Not sure what I'll have tomorrow... might consider ordering Chinese again, my mom makes this really good Chinese noodles/rice with chicken combination that's really good. She also got this recipe from work that described how ot make a delicious enchilada -- and yes, it was delicious! If memory serves, it was chese and chicken wrapped in a tortilla covered in cheese. And it had something else too... damn I can't remember now!

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2019-03-14 15:37:45

I have a love hate relationship with Dark's food related posts; I love the sound of all of it and hate the fact that I can't eat it.  If the CIA had to hire someone to torture criminals in an attempt to get information out of them, they should use Dark and hunger tactics. :d
Today is going as planned; oatmeal turned out alright, but of course it would as there really is no trick to making such a thing.  It's looking like lunch is going to consist of McDonalds fish sandwitches with fries, unless someone can come along and put a huge dent in that idea...  I'll be waiting.

I do not know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future.

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2019-03-14 15:49:43

The only way someone could put a dent in that is to reveal what those sandwiches are actually made of...

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2019-03-14 17:21:07

We had a blizzard here yesterday, so I made pho for dinner. It's Vietnamese beef noodle soup. I'm whiter than the whitest bread in the grocery store, but I love pho. It's warm and comforting. Somehow not as good without the boba tea to go along with it though, and it never tastes as good as sitting down in a restaurant and having someone else make and serve it. I'm also lazy, so I use boxed broth and premixed pho spice packets and cubes. I'll be making myself a gooey grilled cheese when I finish my work calls. Pepper jack cheese and sour dough bread!

Sugar and spice, and everything ....

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2019-03-14 19:04:29

@Cinnamon, I've had various ramens and such at different places, but I don't think I've ever tried Pho.

Interestingly enough, my Italian teacher used to say in Italy, Minastron wasn't just a type of soup, but a course on its own with a recipe a little like a Ramen,  a thick stock soup with noodles, or rice or vegitables, and usually beef or pork, but that the recipe changed according to who was making it.

@Nocturnus, you will talk! if you talk we might give you some grub big_smile.

Being at my parents we had  Mulagitony soup for lunch (soup again), though this one came from Aldy and was very nice, and  tea my mum is making a shepherd's pie, though probably  minced beef rather than lamb, which I believe technically makes it a cotage pie rather than a shepherds pie, but hay.

she does a really interesting thing with the mince using Worcester sauce which always goes really well and gives it a great flavour. Its one of Mrs. dark's favourites.

Also btw Nocturnus, I actually can't remember the last time I had mcdonalds. I do remember once going to a burger king a couple of years ago when on St. Pancrus station just looking for some hot food after a vocal studies workshop, but I don't think I've been to Mcdonalds themselves for ten or fifteen years if not longer, since usually there's a nicer alternative around, even in terms of fish and chips.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2019-03-14 20:03:20

Um, didn't have any speciality today, just meat with rice, but people recognise me if i say the sentence meat always and forever, so yeah, meat is my everything big_smile oh and i love chocolate as well, having some biscuits so should eat them. big_smile

May the force be with you!

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2019-03-14 20:58:22

Well, you're human, like me, so of course you love chocolate haha.
One favorite of mine is pizza, pepperoni on said pizza, lots of sauce, peppery food, steak and yummies (that word won't spell right) of the sort

If it's not what you want to do, it's probably the right thing for you.

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2019-03-14 21:09:19

On the other side of the pond, as it were, McDonalds is pretty much the end all, be all if you're in for a quick fix and financially strapped, unless you're going the burger king rout, which mercifully we decided would probably be better.  Everything else is either expensive or out of my reach transportation wise.  UberEats and BiteSquad are making things a bit nicer around here and I've been able to sample things I would never have imagined having at home 10 years ago, but like all things in life, using any of these services requires money, and that is something I need to put back a bit more of now, being closer to the middle of the month.
I keep telling my wife I'd like to visit the UK if only to sample things like Yorkshire puddings and the like, things that definitely aren't traditionally available in my neck of the woods.  Truth is, I'd really like to visit many parts of the world and try their authentic, typical, traditional delicacies.  I also don't mind trying other people's creative ideas, though I'm sure we can all agree there are people who can cook rather amazing meals and people who shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen.
Nice sounding grilled cheese, that.  My brother's wife can whip up some awesome grilled cheeses when she's in the mood, but it's been years since I've had any of her's in particular.  I'll have to try your idea here at some point.  I've never been good at experimenting on this particular field, so having different cheeses honestly never occured to me...  I'm so lame.

I do not know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future.

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2019-03-14 21:19:14

Mmm... had waffles earlier this morning for breakfast, and just got done with Rice and Beef Soup for lunch. Mmmm...

"On two occasions I have been asked [by members of Parliament!]: 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out ?' I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question."    — Charles Babbage.

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2019-03-16 08:01:40

@post 1, you'd think this topic would get more attention than it did, but surprisingly the right or not right topic somehow keeps showing up above this one haha. Anyway, about food now.
Personally, I love food, but who doesn't? It is rather essential to survival, and tasting good is an added benefit, although, I'll admit, the one I think about most when eating. Some foods are good, and make you keep wanting  to come back to wherever you got them from for more, (oCharlies delicious rolls come to mind here, if you all know what that is). Others are great but don't have that lingering effect on you, like a lot of Mexican places or five star restaurants where price hovers over the experience of a tasty meal. I personally have a few favorites when it comes to eating out, both as far as places to go and what to eat. I'll do my best to stick with chain restaurants so people not from around here can follow, but as we all know, the best food usually don't come from them kinds of eateries.
1. Skyline Chili's. They have some really great food there, especially their chili, which for whatever reason they're kind of known for. Despite that, when visiting there, I usually pick me up a full rack of dry-rub babyback ribs with a side of french fries.
2. Outback steakhouse. I love going here. As you might imagine, it's sort of an Australian-Themed restaurant, and you can't beat their bloomin onion or cheese fries. They have some pretty good burgers as well, and sometimes I'll tuck into an 8-ounce rib-eye too.
3. The olive garden. Now, I typically dine American, but occasionally I'll step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Unfortunately, alergies prevent me from doing this quite a bit more often than I'd like, especially at seafood places. But anyway, the olive garden has some of the best dang Italian-Style chicken you could ever imagine. Their appetizer of breadsticks is hard to pass on as well.
4. Cracker barrel. It's a chain, but they sure do have some good southern-style dishes. Of course, the local breakfast places are quite a bit better,, and home cooking is even better still, but I do enjoy their biscuits and gravy, and sometimes a short stack of dollar pancakes
5. Bw3's (buffalo Wild Wings). Going to that place is always fun, particularly if you are a fan of hot stuff. When I go, I'll always get a small order of boneless wings topped with mango habanera, which is, I believe, one of their three hottest sauces.

Now, I don't eat out as much as I'd like to, but who does? I can't really do the whole getting food delivered, I live out in, quite literally, the middle of nowhere. I barely get internet access out here, let alone get anything like Uber Eats or DoorDash to bring me anything. We actually have 2 places to eat in this whole county, a subway and a pretty good local diner called "Little Town And Country." , and they get me by when we don't feel like cooking. Now, as far as home cooking goes, my whole family's pretty good at it. Usually we'll go over to the next state, Indiana, which actually is where the closest grocery store is, get our groceries for the month, and we'll whip up all sorts of things depending on what we have left. Tonight, for example supper was something my dad made up called Cheeseburger casserole. I got no idea how he fixed it, but it was dang good. I had a nice can of coke to go along with it, which brings up the whole drinks discussion. What are your alls favorite things to drink with your meals? I prefer to go with the old stand-by, water, and I limit myself to 1 pop a week so as to stay healthy during track and field season, but sometimes I'll get me a glass of lemonade that I mixed using some of that minute-made stuff.
Well, folks, what do you think? What are some of your favorite things to eat and where do you all like to eat them? Fast food does count, especially if it's Chick-Filet! Great chicken sandwiches, great waffle fries... and they're closed on Sunday, which I think is an awesome thing for them to do. Anyway, thoughts?

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2019-03-16 11:59:46 (edited by UltraLeetJ 2019-03-16 12:05:52)

well, as one of the big, notable changes (body, friends and family have been telling me about how it has definitive effects on me) I have been striving to really eat more healthy, and that is a bit of torture but I am surprisingly doing well
So every day after I wake up and just before exercise, I have found these little peanut butter and chocolate energy balls a really great treat plus, the muscle ahs protein to pull from! hehe, don't be mislead into thinking its just peanut butter and chocolate  (chocolate makes just a tiny 6 percent of the ball) because its packed full of raw oatmeal, chia seeds and flackseeds too... but putting a bit of vanilla extract really makes them heavenly... they can probably serve as a safe complementary snack when you are hungry instead of reaching out for the oreos!
Thankfully, my family always, always served fruit before any meal--and with the huge variety we have in Colombia, its even better--I am sure there are ones you probably have never heard of or tasted and they are even more difficult to describe in print, so I will leave you with this bit if you want to read more.
Breakfast sometimes consists of soft boiled eggs (when they are done naturally they are terrific if you put them over some form of integral tortillas or regular crackers, or  get creative with them)  oatmeal (which can help you digest way faster and its really great if you get creative with some flavors like vanilla and so on)
And well, since we like traveling, we stole some tricks from Brazilians, including a form of baked pineapple (with a bit of chopped and sprincled cinnamon is a completely healthy and heavenly replacement for any desert assuming you like pineapple) and so on and so on. True, every week or so I tend to break the rules with just! one meal very similar to that mentioned int he first post and then next day I wake up really early and probably sweat most of it off at the gym.
Truth is, Colombia has probably the most varied and certainly diverse ways to eat.. some of them are healthy, others will have you rolling your eyes and who knows, maybe liking that stuff
and others are truly traditional and yummy from some places though you can skip the 1 cup capers or not (I personally find them absolutely disgusting)
I feel lucky I am here because its truly a food paradise--you can always try something new, even ingredients and stuff now that importing has been made much easier, there is lots of fusions with eastern, Arabic and European  food plus we have had  starbucks for a while now though I confess it will never be the same as the one you all have int he U.S.! alongside places like panera bread, or panda express, or the magic voodoo turkey roasted legs was it? that you get at Disney parks.

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2019-03-16 18:35:15 (edited by Dark 2019-03-16 18:36:33)

@That guy, interestingly enough, we  don't have any of those chain places in the UK. TGI fridays yes, subway and starbucks yes, but not olive garden etc. i did go to a rather nice Olive garden in New york with my lady's sister and her husband just before we got married when we went to watch the lion King, and that was lovely.
Usually over here like everywhere else if we're going to eat out we tend to look for decent local places, albeit there are one or two national chains who are good for convenience.

Take last night for example, I had a ridiculously gruelling interview yesterday regarding my disability benefits, so we were all really tired, so we wound up just going to weather spoons.
for those none Brits, Weather spoons is sort of  a pub catering franchise and apparently they have over eight thousand in the UK. This means you can go to pubs in vastly different places and get mostly the same thing.

its not exactly fast food of the McDonalds type, since it does involve cooking, but its not really properly restaurant food either, its  of what in the UK would be considered generic pub grub, fish and chips, curry, pies, perhaps a steak or two, sausage and mash, big breakfast etc.

My lady, being a fanatic for fish had fish and chips, but for me I fancied something different so had hunters chicken, that is chicken breast smothered in bbq sauce topped with cheese and bacon, which came with chips, mushrooms peas and supposedly grilled tomatoes (though I missed those off because I am not into tomatoes in solid state).

@Nocturnus, I do sympathise, when I was in the states I took my time to try some American things as well, including grits, and my brother in law's fairly awesome french toast and grilled cheese.
its odd, we do toasted sandwiches over here quite a bit (indeed that's our usual breakfast), but the hole grilled cheese thing done in a pan is less common. Over here its more like a panini with cheese and ham etc.
Interestingly enough, a local cafe I'm ratherfond of is a faux american diner, complete with fifties music, soem truly insane milk shakes, pancakes, hot dogs, burgers, etc, they even have imported root beer which isn't a usually available soft drink here.

As to traditional English things,  my lady said Yorkshire pudding was a little like biscuits in America (which dsounds doubly odd given that buscuits means cookies over here), accept that yorshire puddings are made of a batter rather than a dough mix.
She's had toad in the hole, that is sausages cooked in yorkshire, but wasn't crazy, on the other hand she really likes faggots.

one thing I did find surprising in the states, and something Niel Gayman mentions in American Gods, is that you don't get cornish  pasties over there.
these are similar to a pie, in that they're like a pastry case with stuff in, but tend to have thinner pastry and be more easy to pick up, since they originated in cornwell as a substantial lunch for tin miners.
If  cooked  well they can have a very nicely done filling, like a slightly pepppered beef stew with potatoes and sweed, though if done badly can basically just have gravy in.

Sadly, there are a lot of so called chain bakeries over here that do what a good friend of mine (himself from Cornwall), used to refer to as cornish facsimiles. Fortunately, we've found a really awesome local butcher (the same one who makes the faggots), who does most amazing cornish pasties, as well as several different types of pie including rabbit pie, and game pie (made with pheasant).

Another thing which I will say about traditional English cooking which my lady mentioned, is that its very common to have  of vegitables with roasts over here, indeed my lady was a little surprised the first time my parents cooked her a roast dinner which included, as well as the roast chicken and stuffing, also, two different sorts of potatoes, carrots parsnips, brustle sprouts and cabbage. Indeed, to say I tend to be fairly carnivorous, I do love hot, properly prepared vedgies, though salad is  evil! big_smile.

Really, why the hell did Prometheus bother stealing fire from the gods and getting his liver eaten by an eagle for people to go and eat salad! big_smile.

This evening we're meeting some of my mum's friends  to go to a fantasy concert, with music including pirates of the Caribbean, final fantasy, and the hunger games, and before hand my parents are making  made lental soup and hot beef sandwiches, actually I'm getting bloody hungry since the beef has been in the slow cooker for the past ten hours, which is likely wy this is such a long post big_smile.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2019-03-16 18:44:14


Clam/haddock,prawn, mussel chowder.

Also, cake, chocolate and waffles with syrup. It's amusing when people assume I'm either high or a teenager for eating so much. Nah. I'm just hungry

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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2019-03-16 20:20:49

@18, your signature is highly ironic, given the fact that I just ate some chocolate donuts and coffee. big_smile

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2019-03-17 15:30:27 (edited by Dark 2019-03-17 15:31:06)

@Jase Kay that sounds awesome, I love chouder and anything with chocolate.
Today, I'm making a big pot of chilly which of all things we'll have with mashed potatoes, which will be nice, though unfortunately as it will cook all through this afternoon for  five and a half to six hours we'll be bloody hungry by the time its done :?D.
I also confess its a rather convenience based chilly, since I used a cook in sauce, though I did chuck some extra kidney beans in there too.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2019-03-17 21:29:13

I just had McDonalds. I typically am not a fan of their food, as the quality of it really verries. I had their nuggets today, and this time they were good. However they aren't always good, sometimes they're soggy or have gristle. Bleck.

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2019-03-18 07:32:47

Coencidentally, I had chili as well. It contained a packet of regular chili powder and a packet of extra-spicy, 3 pounds of ground beef, noodles, tomato juice, onions, and lots more I can't remember. It was actually prepared yesterday and warmed up again today while the onion was chopped up and added, and it was quite amazing. Speaking of that, has anyone else noticed that chili tastes way better the day after, or is that just me? Also, while we're on the topic of  things tasting good the day after, and several days after, in fact, what foods have you guys noticed that don't have the consistency of rubber and actually taste just as well, if not better, than they did when originally cooked? I've seen that pizza always tastes more or less the same when you warm it up, and any fast food, especially fries, taste like packing peanuts. But what about you all?

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2019-03-18 07:47:38

@Thatguy three pounds of minced beef? That must be huuuuge! We used a kilo of mince, (roughly half that if google is right on convertion), and that will give both of us two pretty good meals.

I never like reheating take away if I can help it, pizza either goes rubbery or dry in my experience and loses flavour, ditto with most meet items. Indeed, we have an arrangement with our really nice local pizza and kebab place, where instead of giving us an extra free 10 inch garlic bread, which neither of  ever has room for,  just knock a couple of quid off the bill instead. This is  better since the garlic bread just doesn't reheat well at all.

On the other hand generally any kind of stew or soup, chilly, different sorts of curry etc always seem to do well when reheated. I believe  it has something to do with the settling of the ingredients, and some professional chefs will even make chilly, gumbo etc and then reheat just for the extra flavour.

Today I need to go shopping. One of the few saving graces of going shopping is that I get to go out for brunch. I'll probably head to  Faux american diner I mentioned and get one of their crispy sweet chilly chicken wraps, or maybe some pancakes.
They actually make an amazing chilly, which I've had on its own before, but its  pretty big meal for the middle of the day, though they also make some very nice chillydogs too.

In addition, they have the most wonderful rocky road cake as well.
This was a relief, since  where I used to live in Durham there was an amazing little sandwich place called the picnic basket who also did the most amazing cakes, and I've been missing their rocky road.

The rocky road at the american diner is not the same as the one in Durham, it has more coco  pouder and less toffee but  its really nice all the same.

Sadly tea today will probably be something fairly small since we had the chily last night, likely just a quick microwave meal. These are okay if you firstly buy the right brand, since quality can vary hugely, and secondly if your not overly hungry, since whoever decides the portion sizes for those things isn't exactly generous, even for my wife who is tiny, but if I go and get something nice for brunch that should do quite well for dinner.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2019-03-19 01:33:41

I  don't know why, but i love warmed up Chinese food. My favorite Chinese food is general tso's chicken,  with some pork fried rice on the side. I have some weird thing where I like it in a bowl, and I mix it all together.

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2019-03-19 02:42:47

See, I don't think Chinese food warms up particularly well either, it tends to dry out or the meat gets too tough. Of course, if you're getting Chinese food, there's bound to be leftovers, so you tolerate it, but it's not as good as it should be the next day.

@21, I hear you about McDonald's food. I generally avoid it for the same reasons you mention, plus, in my experience, the nuggets have this weird plasticy feel to them which turn me off.

As for me, there must be something of a chili kick going on around here, because that's what I'm having for dinner tonight, lol. At this point, it smells amazing, and should be done pretty soon.

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

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