2019-03-13 15:45:44

hey is not attack or insult at other point out in this topic and other topic that Mahdi are related is he trying to sleaking attention
so I wonder if Mahdi ask to change his personality and he still doing the same behavior so what the point for asking how to change personality
he over and over making topic almost everyday and post to get higher rank that give nothing so what the point for doing this?
I don't think that I think alone other may think the same if I got a warning so ... that strange

the bestest reward for people who are working so hard they should receive their experience of their own life.
everyone can collect in everyday.

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2019-03-13 16:56:21


TGH1925Tobiasheath24, referring to post 38. Consider this an official warning. We don't call one another assholes here. That's not cool, and it's a very blatant personal attack. Hold whatever opinion you want about Mahdi and what he's doing/how he's talking, but don't insult people.

Whitefall, consider this an official warning as well. There is already more than enough griping about Mahdi, and this post in a thread about The Killer was absolutely pointless. It's part personal attack, part character assassination.

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https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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