2019-03-08 23:51:36

Hi everyone, so I don't know how many of you guys do field recording, but I do have a question.
I currently own a Zoom H4NPro, it's a nice little recorder and it's onboard microphones are good and can handle quite a lot of SPL, but they are a little noisy however.
My question is, is there any way I can improve my audio quality, by either using a pre amp,an external microphone or both?
And what should I go for, XLR or 3.5mm miniplug?
And also, I would prefer stereo micing, preferably from 90 degrees and wider.
And I am from South Africa, and I do realize that things might get a little pricey.
However, not looking for the top gun, just something decent to get me started.
I do have sound professionals mics that I use, but with the builtin recorder pre amps, things get noisy, and I don't really like noise.
Any comments or critasism will be appreciated.