2019-03-05 22:35:00

It seems that ever since the forum switched to PanBB, there has been nothing but issues with it. Of course, these are the pangs you will feel when making changes such as this. I do feel the change is a bit irresponsible though, seeing as how the site admins are less
active these days. This fact has even been supported by the moderators, and leaves me wondering why this was done. The site has been around quite a long time, and perhaps no one at one such stage in their lives really can understand the commitment it takes to keep a site going for nearly 15 years. So I can understand interest waning, but what I can't understand is making a half-hearted  switch to a foreign, hackish forum software, if you're not going to be around to fix the issues with it.

I am therefore requesting that one of two things happens. A) the admins fix up the issues, and try to keep a tighter reign in on them. B) If option A is untenable, please return us to PunBB. Maybe that option is unavailable though, as I'm not sure what PanBB does to the database and if it would be backwards compatible at that point. Still, I think PunBB has a commit in 2015, which would be a higher version that we used to have before switching to PanBB.

I felt the wind of your passing
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I felt the passing of your wind

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