2019-03-04 02:41:17

Hi all,

With the new beta 3.1 of your_adventure slowly approaching, i also wanted to compile a test version to test on my mac with wineskin winery. But given the latest mac-os update, the compiling of the archive doesn't work as smooth as it usually did. I can remember that i needed to navigate through the setup of the speechsdk.dll, which is the sapi voice, but when I use the hotkey Command + Tab two times, i see that the setup was finished, and after the installing of the archive, i either get a error message telling me that something went wrong, or the game starts playing, but there is no voice ... Of these two, the error message occurs most of the times ...

Does somebody have any thoughts on how i can solve this? Should i update my wineskin version? Should i install something extra?

I am very curious on your thoughts.

Greetz mike

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