2019-03-14 17:55:09

Since I've been writing up tutorials on this thread, it will make putting together a guide for the articles room much easier. I can compile the mini-guides I've written here into a centralized new player guide, and will be doing so as soon as I can.

In that vane, if anyone else wants a guide written for something, let me know and I'll both write it up here and put it in the guide. There's no hard deadline on this; I don't know when I'll be able to work on the guide and of course it will be freely editable. I just want it to be as comprehensive as possible.

I noticed that Dreamlands took some players for a while, but hopefully you guys will come back to a game that has literal months of playable content and new develoments weekly. tongue

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2019-03-15 21:09:01

So I realize at this point I'm just keeping the thread alive in hopes that some players will come back. If any mod would prefer I stop, I will do so and just work on the guide.

However, I wanted to announce a very helpful accessibility improvement that the community has helped put together.

In FFRK, there is a dungeon type called record dungeons. These have you using a preset party of characters and playing through a modified version of the stories of the FF games. This means a form of map exploration. I was able to complete them by literally scrolling and tapping around randomly, but it takes a long time to do.

I asked on the FF Record Keeper subreddit if any community members would be willing to help put together guides to help blind players solve these dungeons. The reaction was awesome. We now have a blind guides section on the FF Record Keeper subrdit wiki.

This is a work in progress, but it already has many entries from the latest chapter. I'm sure that when someone has some free time, they will be doing guides for the earlier record dungeons as well.

Here's a direct link to the wiki page:

https://www.reddit.com/r/FFRecordKeeper … ind_guides

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2019-03-15 21:53:55

So I do have a couple of things:

first, i'd love to be able to play this game as compitantly as you can, as I've always loved FF as well, so thanks for advocating for this.

So here's where I'm at:
I was jost told to go into mako reactor number five, and I want to configure my party.  I think I find the party screen, but your way of changing/editing abilities and equipment seems....interesting and not what I'm seeing.

I can see the cash immages, merin level 2 and my hp, then the tabs, then the other people.  i'm not sure how to add a ilities, armor, etcetera, and i can't seem to figure it out.

I feel like I've read your post a million times lol.  advice?

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2019-03-15 22:38:58

I think I know what's up. If you're seeing your keeper, then the other people on your team, you're still on the main party screen. What you need to do is tap one of the cached images after the character you want to manage. So if you see  Cloud, hp 406, then a bunch of cached images, activate one of those.

If what you're seeing is instead cloud, level 5, and then 2 more cached images and another character, you're actually on the party management screen where you can add or remove characters.

Having said all of that, if you're still in the tutorial, I don't think it'll let you configure anything. The tutorial is kind of a bunch of tapping around randomly until you can get to the home screen, then the real gameplay begins.

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2019-03-15 22:40:25

How can I tell when I'm out of the tutorial?  I did the first one and I think I can use the home screen from what little I can tell.  I'll have another look around later this afternoon.

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2019-03-15 23:20:55

If the game is still popping up pieces of text telling you where to go, you're still in the tutorial. If you're done with the tutorial, you should end up unlocking Final Fantasy IV dungeons. I can't remember exactly if VI or IV is first, but pretty sure it's IV.

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2019-03-18 21:28:33

So I managed to get past that part and get into mako reactor number five.

I still have no idea what I'm doing; i feel as if I'm just turning voiceover off, tapping and praying.  While I understand and commend you all for learning the game, I don't, personally, see where the fun is.

Exploring dungeons is poke and pray, battle is poke and pray, home screen is poke and pray, and I can't seem to even assign abilities to my characters.  I want to like this game, but as of now, there's not enough accessible material to keep me interested.

I guess I'm posting this for encouragement?  I'm not sure.  I played a bit this morning, won a battle and didn't get that "yay I did it," feeling.  It was more of a "I'm not sure how I won but good on me, I guess?"

I may pick this back up again, maybe not.  Ugg!  smile.

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2019-03-19 00:44:10

Stop thinking of it as poke and pray, and start memorizing locations on the screen. I don't poke and pray, ever. I can log into the game and have a dungeon started within 30 seconds unless I need to do party management. That's why I've been trying to describe locations on the screen instead of just saying, poke around until you hear a noise, then turn VO back on and see what happened. If I were doing that, I would never have lasted a year playing this game and certainly would never have beaten 3 of the 3 star magicite bosses, some of the most difficult content in the game according to other players.

I have started work on the guide. It may need some polishing after I post it, we'll see what you all think. But if blind players never start really trying to conquer this game, it for sure will never have any accessibility improvements. And that would be a huge shame.

Here is a mini guide on how to equip abilities, materia and soul breaks.

Go to the character management screen by tapping one of the cached images after a character name and HP on the main party screen. Then go to the abilities tab, the second tab in the order.
Find the ability names and flick left of the first one. You should see a cached image, double tap it. If you have no abilities equipped, I recommend using optomize as detailed above.
You should now be on the ability management screen. You can flick through your list of abilities and select one. Then navigate to the last heading VO can detect and you will see your 2 equipped abilities. Select the one you want to exchange.
Soul breaks work the same way. You can reorder the breaks from left to right for convenience and this is how they display in battle. You can also remove all but 1 break for faster use without having to deal with the extra menu in battle.
Legend materia are the same, with exception that you can't see the names until you get into the management screen. Legend materia are the first images, then record.

This is how I build my battle strategies, combined with character organization and equipping damage boosting relics. It does work. But expect it to be just that, work for a while, then fun. It takes patience and time to learn. The good news is you don't have to spend hours and hours playing. I only spend about 5 minutes a day playing and have for most of the time I've been with this game.

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2019-03-19 15:32:55

Yeah. I think the part you're having trouble with is you really, really need to memorize where things are on the screen for this game, which is basically different to most games we've played on IOS. It's totally and completely worth it though if you have the patience to learn.

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2019-03-19 21:59:43

So after letting it sit for a couple of days, I haven't memorized the spots and thus it feels like poke and pray.  Thanks for the encouragement.  I'll check out the guide and follow along with it.  I'll probably have a couple more rants and questions along the way.  Lol.

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2019-03-19 22:01:27

So one thing.  I accidently unequipt cure from my white mage.  Now I can't find cure at all.  I follow the instructions above.

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2019-03-20 00:36:20

This might actually be an oddity with the game for once and not an accessibility issue, haha. Normally you have to create abilities to be able to equip them. I can't remember if new players start with any by default. It's possible that the core characters come with some abilities that aren't actually in your inventory, so if you unequip them they disappear.
The good news is, cure is pretty much useless. By the time you need a healing ability you'll be able to make much more powerful ones. I didn't even start using healing until I beat the nightmare dungeons, and that's somewhat high level content.

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2019-03-20 04:40:11

Yep, I didn't heal until curaga or so. lol. And yeah, I felt like that a bit at first too, but once you start figuring out where things are it gets awesome.

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2019-03-25 17:02:17

Can anyone tell me how to start the books of trials?  I got through mako number five and I think ahve unlocked ff4, but I'm not sure what to do.  do I draw rellics or go to my item chest or.

I thought the trials would help there but I can't find them and I'm not sure if I should grind the dungeons over and over and over.  Help pointing me on the path?  smile.

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2019-03-26 00:22:35


This is cool. I tried playing FFRK a couple of times, but got frustrated in the tutorial section. What I find really annoying is that this game only requires a little work to make it accessible with VoiceOver, unlike a lot of other games where VoiceOver is completely useless. So close, but yet not really accessible. Keepup the good work though; it's positive work like this that makes things happen. Rather than complain about the lack of accessibility, you're actually doingsomething toraise the issue in the FFRK community. Again, good work.

they who reach the top, boy, must first climb the hill

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2019-03-26 22:30:36

You can get details on how to do the missions in the books of trials by opening each individual book. After that you can check each available mission. They're mostly things like levelling certain characters, creating or honing certain abilities, etc. You can also find all the missions at the community database if you don't want to mess around trying to find them in game. It's important to complete them though as higher end content is unlocked based on which books you've finishgh.

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2019-03-28 12:15:32

Hi all, i’ve played this game but i’m confused. What should I do to get out from the death screen? The menus isn’t read by VO at that screen

get ready, folks!
let's explore different worlds, completing minigames, collect bonuses, and many other stuff.
or if you want to have some battles, there's a way to do that as well.
we are the pragmatic party prophessional. this thing is of course are going to be super crazy if more people join the fun in this party!

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2019-03-28 15:46:53

The game over screen is still part of the battle screen, so you still can't use VO. You need to tap near the bottom of the screen, then tap the right edge near the middle. Then wait a bit and the battle results screen will appear.

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2019-03-28 15:56:00

how do I revive with jems or mithril?

get ready, folks!
let's explore different worlds, completing minigames, collect bonuses, and many other stuff.
or if you want to have some battles, there's a way to do that as well.
we are the pragmatic party prophessional. this thing is of course are going to be super crazy if more people join the fun in this party!

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2019-03-28 21:45:03

Continue is closer to the top of the screen, also in the middle. Once you tap it the game will ask you to confirm. If you did it right the battle music will start back up and you'll hear a healing sound. Then tap where the continue button was again and you'll hear a chime and get your bonuses. Then tap one more time near the bottom of the screen to start the battle.

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