2019-03-10 05:27:39

Oh, I think I see the problem. The headings aren't actually activatable. They just list the categories you have on that screen. So when it says hero heading, all of the things to do with characters are under that category. So if you actually want to see just your inventory of equipment, you can either tap the upper right hand corner or go to something like the upgrade equipment icon under the equipment heading.

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2019-03-10 14:31:02

Oh uh everything after the headings appears to be in japanese. Is that... not supposed to be the case?

Silly Gohan, animals don't eat people. People eat animals.

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2019-03-10 16:26:09

Can you describe  a layout of battle screen.
I am ramdomly tapping a screen so I want to know what is in it.

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2019-03-10 16:38:34

Look on the first page, there's a description of the battle screen there.

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2019-03-10 19:56:18

Ok, about things being in japanese, I was wondering about that or if VO was just detecting it oddly. I actually have mine set up to speak Japanese characters, but I can describe the order if it will help. It's the only screen that displays things that way.

Under hero, you have:

Growth egg
Memory crystal.
Wardrobe record
Record spheres
Crystal water




Orb Exchange


Break level cap

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2019-03-11 01:54:17

I'm going to be honest, I've got a character to level 15, but even so I'm not having any fun with this. I would if I could see all of the text, but the fact I need to turn on and off voiceover so often is incredibly frustrating for me. I can't properly change equipment. I don't know about my party at all. I know nothing about abilities. Even after all of this I want to play lolz. It's just frustrating to be so close to a game I can play and then not reach it.

Silly Gohan, animals don't eat people. People eat animals.

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2019-03-11 02:20:40

All of that information is accessible. If you don't want to read it in the game using the long press strategy, you can read it on the FFRK wiki. As long as you have the triple click shortcut enabl, turning VO off and on is a lot easier. I have no sight at all and have only asked for sighted help with 2 things, neither of which you will encounter for some time and both of which I could help with.

I'm sorry you're not having fun with the game. What encouraged me to learn to play in the beginning was the promise of a game I'd never been able to play before. This game has met that qualification and more. I'm working to try to get in touch with someone to improve accessibility, but I don't know if it will happen.

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2019-03-11 16:16:52

I have found a strange think, I am in the first dungeon in the second story, and I have a boss battle, but I dont know why I can not enter this, I see only close button but I dont see a button called enter a battle or somethink.
I have completed two nattles and I still have boss battle locked.
This story is called reacor no 5

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2019-03-11 16:40:47

That's one thing I forgot to mention. You can bring up the details of the boss battle again in the dungeon. This button is all the way to the left edge above the middle of the screen. If you're getting this, you're touching too far to the left to get to the last battle. The battle icons make a different selection sound than the other icons on the screen.

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2019-03-11 16:43:56

I'll probably keep with this, although I wonder if I'm just doing things wrong? I mean I see no new heros, no new abilities, and have no idea what's going on with items at all.

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2019-03-11 16:55:08

One last thing Mojsior, if a battle is actually locked you'll hear a buzz sound and no pop-up will appear.

Death, are you reading the rewards and boss tabs before you enter dungeons? Most of the heroes you get early on will be from realm dungeons. Some heroes, especially newly introduced to the game, are from events and can also be recruited from the hall of rites.

Abilities have to be created using orbs. You also earn a few and are instructed to make a few for missions in the book of trials.

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2019-03-11 19:02:50

thanks david I have completed this dungeon

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2019-03-11 19:49:17

Oh uh those are tabs? I thought those just said rewards and bosses with no info like I couldn't see them. Man, do I feel stupid.

Silly Gohan, animals don't eat people. People eat animals.

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2019-03-11 20:28:33

Don't feel bad. I think I was weeks into play before I figured that out. It really helps in knowing what you get after dungeon clears and what all the completion sounds are. Just for kicks, here's the order of rewards:

The first sound is all of your metals being counted, up to 10. Usually getting 8 to 10 metals means you've mastered the dungeon.

After you press on the screen, your exp is tallied up. Level up sound is the little rising ding during this process.

After that it depends on your circumstances. If you're trying to master a soul break or legend materia, the experience for that is distributed. Then with another press comes magicite exp, when you have at least one equipped.

Finally are the rewards listed in the rewards tab. You'll hear a couple of blip sounds, followed by a kind of shining sound if you mastered the dungeon, or just a kind of crash sound if you didn't. One thing of note is that if you recruit a new hero, there is a sort of unlocking shining sound before your metals are counted.

Glad you guys are making some progress.

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2019-03-11 20:38:19

Okay so according to this I should have Kain after beating this dungeon. Am I missing how to use the party screen and see who I've unlocked as a hero?

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2019-03-11 21:51:07

I posted a guide a while back for changing characters, but I think I missed a couple things so here's a refresher.

On the party screen you have 2 sections. The first shows your characters by name, their HP and then some cached images showing there equipment and other things. Activating any of these images takes you to the individual character management screen.

On that screen you have images representing your party, in order. Activating these takes you to each character in your party. You can see name, role and stats. After the stats, which only show on the equipment page, are tabs to change pages. In order, they are equipment, abilities, soul breaks and materia. You don't need to worry about materia until you get a character past level 50 or unlock a legend materia.

Everything except equipment can be changed by tapping the cached images before names. So if you want to change abilities and you were on your white mage character, you'd find the set of two cached images between the tabs and say, the cure ability and tap one of them. For equipment, see my guide on the last page.

To change party members, go to the heading that says party members on the main party screen. Tap any of the cached images there to bring up your available characters list. The images are in the same order as the party members are listed above, and the one you select will be highlighted to exchange.

Things get a little more complicated here. I have to admit this can be one of the more annoying parts of the game. The characters are not labeled with names on this screen. So as you go through your list, you'll see 2 cached images and the character level. The good news is that the characters are all arranged in a single column, except for your current party which is in a tiny column on the left. This means that you can get a rough idea of character order by long pressing on each character. You can then see the pop-up heading with their name and other info.

Once you're on this screen, you can exchange members freely by tapping on one in the available list, then tapping one in the party members section in the second heading. Again, the characters aren't labeled so you have to remember party order. The good news is that order doesn't usually matter. Occasionally enemies will target character slots, but not often.

Once you unlock favorites, which I believe is done by completing book of trials IV, you can assemble teams and save them. I recommend starting this as soon as possible, as it makes changing and modifying parties much easier, even though the initial process is time consuming.

You can also sort characters in many ways. By default it's sorted by the last characters you gained. I prefer to sort by series, but it's also the hardest for blind players to adapt to. The sort button is right after the available characters heading, and then the options appear in a heading that you can navigate to.

I hope this helps and that I remembered everything. It's been a while since I've done free party modification so let me know if any problems crop up.

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2019-03-11 23:54:04

Okay so I found the party screen and how to exchange, but two questions. Firstly I thought I could have up to five in my party? How do I add someone without removing anyone at all? Secondly by long press do you mean double tap and hold on the cash image to see what character I have selected to see their info on the headings or w/e? Also seriously thanks for being so patient here. Starting to get the hang of this slowly lolz.

Silly Gohan, animals don't eat people. People eat animals.

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2019-03-12 00:25:39

The easy way to fill up your party with 5 members is to use the optomize button. For reference, this is in the upper right hand corner of the main party screen with VO off. A good thing to do is to use the remove all button before you optomize, so you always use your best relics.

The other way you can add party members is by selecting the character you want and trying to find an empty slot with VO off.

Sadly, double tap and hold doesn't work with these images. You have to turn off and then hold your finger over a character for about a second. It's the only way aside from looking things up on the wiki to get detailed information about characters, relics, abilities, soul breaks, materia and magicite.

I'm happy to help. This is a great game and I'm glad to see new players trying it out. Feel free to ask anything. In fact, you're helping me if I decide to write an article for new players. I can go back and compile information from these guides.

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2019-03-12 05:11:12

Thanks for all this info! Being a huge Final Fantasy fan, I have to give this a shot.

PSN ID: Ray_Penber
Twitter: @violentgil

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2019-03-12 05:44:31

Since there's a really good relic draw going on right now and some of you are getting close to needing new relics, here's a guide to getting new equipment.

First, from the home screen, press either the lower right hand corner of the screen for the relics tab, or the banner at the very top edge in the middle. Both will take you to the relic draws screen.

From here, you'll see a lot of cached images and dates. This screen is arranged with the most recent relic draw first, and the stable relic draws that don't close closest to the relic draw heading you can see with VoiceOver. 1 flick back from the heading is the daily free draw. Most of the time you only get a 1 or 3 star relic from this, so I don't bother. You have something like a .01 percent chance of drawing a good relic, that is 5 star or above.

1 flick left from the common, or free, relic draw is the full throttle relic draw if you haven't purchased it. This is a 1 time draw that you pay for with gems, aka real money, and get to pick a set of bonus relics after the draw.

To the left of that are the realm draws. This lets you draw relics from all 17 common realms, that is, FFI to FFXV, Ff Tactics, and FF Type Zero. When you activate the image you'll be in a set of 17 cached images. You'll know which realm you're in because the music will change to a track from that game.

The draws to the left of that are usually the limited time ones. You need to activate the cached image before the dates, and again the music will change to a track from whatever game is being hosted.

Currently there's another type of realm draw going on. It's a countdown to the anniversary, with another realm being released every 24 hours. You get to draw 3 relics with at least 1 5 star or higher guaranteed. These are the relics that unlock powerful soul breaks that you will need to defeat high level content.

Most relic draws cost 50 mythril for 11 draws. This is the best deal since you're guaranteed at least one 5 star, sometimes a 6 star or higher. The normal realm draws let you pay 15 mythril for 11 draws the first time. Some relics are gems ony, and some are half off, that is, 25 mythril.

Once you're on the relic screen you want, you need to turm off VO. Usually if there's a deal of some kind, the draw button you want is either on the middle right edge of the screen, or near the bottom right hand corner. Once you select a button you can turn VO back on and check what happened. If it worked right, you will see a heading that asks you to confirm whether you want to perform this draw. If not, you're probably in the relics list, the help section or the mechanics section. For most things you can hit the back button in the lower left corner and try again. If you end up in the rarity help, you can either flick to the close button, or turn off VO and tap near the bottom middle of the screen.

You can skip any part of the animation as desired by tapping anywhere on the screen. This will skip to the next relic. You can tell if you've gotten a good relic because there will be a sort of victory music, and a slightly longer one for a 6 star relic.

Once the draw finishes, you'll be on a screen that tells you what you drew. The game picks one relic to display  the soul break from. Anything that looks like  a long string of numbers you can activate with VO and a pop-up will appear with detailed info on that relic. The cached images are for 4 star or lower relics, which usually end up being upgrade material for more powerful relics.

Hope this helps you guys get some better gear. And keep in mind, you'll want to use characters that you draw relics for, even over prefered or favorite characters. Enjoy.

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2019-03-12 06:23:25

How applicable is this data to the android bersion?

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2019-03-12 14:52:22

As far as I know, the game is completely unplayable on Android. However, I have no android device myself and do not know which screen readers it has been tested with.

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2019-03-12 19:10:19

Well I got past the tutorial a couple years ago on my android then it wanted me to equip stuff which I couldn't do. So today I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but I wouldn't call it completely unplayable like king of dragon pass is for android.

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2019-03-13 13:39:58

That's good to know. It would be cool if someone could test out the playability of the game on android. I expect it to be as, if not more difficult as on iOS, but would be great if it worked for those without an iOS device.

I thought I would write up a couple more guides this morning. Here are guides on how to use exchanges as well as some basic inventory management.

One feature that will be necessary to use in this game is the chocobo exchange. This can be accessed in 2 ways:

1. Find the anex button, which is just below the menu button in the upper right of the home screen. Then, once you've activated the anex, tap near the left edge of the screen. Be careful not to tap too far left or you will open the item chest. If you've done it properly, the music will change to a chiptune after a brief loading time.

2. On the home screen, swipe briefly left and then tap near the bottom middle of the screen where the dungeons are. This should get you into the power up dungeons. Select a dungeon from the list of cached images and the music will change to a chocobo theeme. Now you can tap in the upper right hand corner to access the exchange.
Note: I can't remember if power up dungeons must be unlocked or not. I know the higher level ones are locked but lower ones may be accessible at all times.

Once in the exchange, you'll see a list of items, usually major orbs and 3 star motes first. If you navigate by heading to the bottom of this list, you can find the different categories of items that can be traded for. The ones I purchase most often are the 2 sets of stamina potions and the mythril on the special screen.

This is where things get tricky. In order to set the quantity of item you want to exchange, you need to tap a plus icon. This icon is on the far right edge of the screen, and there is an icon for each set of items. You must have VO toggled off to find these icons. You can check the quantity of items you're going to exchange by turning VO back on and reading the details under the heading you are trying to select. You'll see something like this:

Stamina potion:
Cost, 100
Limit: 2

After this will be a read only edit field. If it says 0, you have selected the plus icon for the wrong set of items. You can either try to find the minus icons, which are slightly to the left of the pluses, or select clear all at the bottom and start over.
Be aware that this can be a lengthy and annoying process to get the hang of. Especially in long lists of items like the accessories on the other tab, it's easy to try to exchange for the wrong items. Navigating to an item with VO and then swiping either up or down with 3 fingers can fix some of the scrolling issues. However, sometimes there's nothing to do but turn off VO, swipe up or down slightly with one finger to scroll and guess where the item you want is. I've purchased all available accessories as well as most of the stamina shards and I regularly use the exchange. It is possible, it just takes some work.

As for inventory management, what I mean is figuring out how to upgrade your characters, relics and abilities. Much of this works with VO, but here is a guide that explains some of the odd bits.

When spending growth eggs, most of the time you can just press the use all button. However, if you want finer control, plus and minus icons exist for each type of egg. The use all button can be read with VoiceOver, but with VO off it is on the far right edge of the screen for each type of egg. The plus icons are slightly to the left, with minus on the left edge of the screen.
This setup works for similar interfaces, such as spending metals to upgrade relics, consuming crystal water or exchanging orbs.

When upgrading relics, it is possible to use relics you don't want as upgrade material. To do this, select the upgrade relics tab. Then select the relic you want to upgrade. The easiest way to do this is to press the toggle display button. Then the name of the relic will show before it's level. You can also sort relics for convenience by activating the button just after toggle display, which will say something like ATK, desc. This means your relics are sorted by attack, with highest value first.

Once you've chosen your relic, navigate past the materials to the heading that shows the relic name. Flick left from here and you'll see 2 tabs; materials and equipment. Select equipment, then flick left a couple more times and tap toggle display, so you can see the names of the relics you're going to use as material.
Note that this screen has scrolling issues. Firstly, I've never figured out why I can't get rid of the spear. But most notably, I don't recommend trying to select more than 10 relics. I also recommend double tapping on the relic's level instead of it's name or cached image. For some reason it is very easy for VO to accidentally hit the clear button, which causes you to have to start your selections over. You can always see how many relics you have selected before confirming. The materials list does not read correctly when reading the confirmation dialogue though. So when you confirm for the second time, if a pop-up appears telling you that you have selected 5 star relics, you probably want to cancel and start over.

Combining and reforging both work well with VO, but the guide above can help with making selections.

When creating, honing or shattering abilities, the list is so long that it can be easy to run into scrolling issues. Be sure to use the sorting categories instead of trying to browse all abilities. If you run into a situation where double tapping on an ability with VoiceOver causes nothing to happen and even turning it off there are no icons, you need to go to one of the headings on the screen and double tap it. Then you can scroll to where you think the ability might be on screen, and either guess at where it is and try to tap it or navigate to it with VO and double tap. All actions concerning abilities must be confirmed, so do not fear accidental expenditure of orbs.

There is a new feature that is about to be introduced called legendary relics, where you can shatter unneeded relics to create shards that can be used to upgrade them. That is coming during the anniversary event, so you may want to save your relics instead of using them for material. In that case  I recommend using the vault, which can be accessed in the upper right corner of the inventory and upgrades screen. The interface is the same as selecting relics to use as material and then you can press the stash in vault button to free up inventory space.

I hope this has been helpful and that the new players are still enjoying the game. I'm really looking forward to the anniversary event.

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2019-03-13 19:54:50

The FF Record Keeper Subreddit community is so awesome. Where the devs have failed to listen to any accessibility suggestions thus far, this community has really stepped up and helped.

Here is the latest example of how. I asked for some help memorizing the layout of the pause menu during battle because it's where the flee, restart and battle speed adjustment buttons are and the menu does not speak with VO. Within a few minutes someone posted an excellent description. I'll link to the post:

https://www.reddit.com/r/FFRecordKeeper … nu_layout/

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