2019-02-10 15:58:03

I had posted this on the blastbay forum, but I decided to better organize the codes and post here.
These are experiments with the bgt soundtrack I did some time ago, when it was still in the beginning.
I hope to encourage musicians and developers to create great arcade-style songs, in fact you can achieve good results.
Here is the link:
http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/y7ej … n.zip?dl=1

2019-02-10 20:18:36

well, ok, those sounds were interesting, maybe not the best but interesting.
Ages ago when bgt was good, back when people experimented with soundtracks, there was a competition.
There were a lot of stuff made for this and the project was the tonemaker project.
Oriolgomez had some of this made some of this.
However the project died as quickly as it came.
I doubt you can get any of this anymore.
I however being a pack rat keep archives of just about everything.
This therefor is the archive of what was round that time.
Not the bgt tracks sadly, just the compiled datafiles created or that were online at the time.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/7eagx11tenrtn … r.zip?dl=1
Its a pitty no one really does much with this anymore because with all its issues bgt was fine for a sound chip emulator of the nes or similar.
The file will stay up for a couple weeks or so but its not that big anyway.

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2019-02-11 00:11:22

For sure.
I picked up bgt later when it was already free, but when I discovered I could make music in that arcade style with it, I really enjoyed it.
I had seen very few songs made on soundtrack and thought that the tool could be better explored, especially now with the possibility of using soundtracks as a carrier files for the vocoder. I've been doing this and the result was very good.
About the sounds, they are interesting yes, I liked the palacewin more and the ridin solo.
A curiosity: At that time there was no possibility to put reverb to the synth, right?
One of the songs I made on the soundtrack has reverb, which increases the possibilities.
best regards