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Okay I know this one has been around for some time, but we've not had a topic about it.
I've given the game a try and written This db page with links to the website etc.

Okay good things, firstly good race/class combo and seemingly good difficulty gradiant, as well as very comprehensive help which even doesn't overhwelm with info at first. I particularly like the suggested race/class combos with the star symbols which is a nice  for new players and those who want an easier time. I'll also say screen reader wise this is on of the nicest I've seen with comparatively slower combat, some great commands for customising prompt and other info,  even text maps.

Now for the bad points.
Firstly, character death and equipment dropping! yes this is a pain, and I gather corpse retrieval is relatively steep. Also I've not run into as many agro mobs as soemthing like Ateraeon, but there might be more later.
It also has the hole "wear best level up gear before levelling", which is a mechanic I'm less keen on, mostly because I usually forget eqsets in the heat of battle, indeed eq balancing in the game seems pretty major, though in fairness there are some good resources about what starting eq is worth getting from each zone for each class.

Also, no quest tracker.
this is a bit of a major pain and the reason I had to literally delete my character since I hadn't played since before christmas I couldn't remember what I had/hadn't done (though I was only level 3 so it doesn't matter too much).
I actually suspect the quests in this one aren't too hard looking at the wiki, but the lack of a quest tracker and rather rudimentary npc interactions makes them harder than they seem, though of course that might be just because I can't recall where I was, though aas I was only level 3 it shouldn't matter too much.

Also, gameplay is very heavily hacknslashy (which is a totally cromulant wordd), and doesn't seem to have as much variety, since there isn't crafting and other activities , random mob quests, events and random drops like in Erion, though again I didn't get as far in the game.

In general it seems a lighter game nice for a bit of random slaughterage, with a more friendly community than Aardwolf and a more interesting remort system too, though not quite as deep or complex as something like Alteraeon or materiamagica.

So, has anyone else played Avatar? Am I missing things?

Thoughts and extra information very much appreciated.

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