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Trying not to be flamy here, so figured I’d put down my issues with the game to see if I’m the only one, because everyone else seems to love it.
1 : the newbie experience.
From the quality of activities provided, which are all grind fests with absolutely no thought required to them (once you do them enough times you can even buy upgrades to automate them and make your roll as the player basically redundant), to the general buggyness of the game (I have never found nearly as many bugs with any other game as a newbie), to the fact that questions on newbie remain unanswered (I consider myself a polite person), to the fact that other than grind, there’s really basically nothing to do.
On top of everything, there aren’t that many group activities for newbies, or so it seems, and so interacting with other players is kind of a bust in that regard, unless you feel like randomly interjecting on the ooc channel and hoping you get noticed.
2: what is this this roleplay you speak of.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I never logged onto cosmic rage expecting to care about roleplay, I’d go play star conquest for that. What really bugs me here is the focus the hosts seem to have on it. Why? Your player base doesn’t seem to care to roleplay on their own, as evidenced by the chuckles I got when I asked about it the other day after I was locked out of leveling for several hours while I waited for a last name to be approved and the game it self told me to go off and roleplay or something. There are no systems in place to facilitate it, no way of knowing what’s happening where. In the end, it boils down to having the self restraint not to say lol on a public channel.
Also, the docs outlining lore and races )I mean, dragons? Really?) are a joke.
So I ask again, why bother? There really seems to be absolutely no point to it, so why not accept the inevitable and kill the roleplay. No point improving it either as your average roleplayer would likely be turned away by the subpar writing found most everywhere.
3: It doesn’t get better.
I stuck it out quite a long while, in the hopes that I would then find an interesting activity to do, ETC but got nothing. I cannot stress this enough, grinding gets very old very fast, especially when the text you are shown while grinding is badly written and repetitive.
So, what is the end game here? Because I’m getting the impression that all that happens as you progress is that you get fancier and fancier buttons to push to accomplish similar tasks.
A note: activities that require you to type 30 different commands are still grinding. An activity’s grindyness is not measurable by the number of commands you need to type, but on how much thought you have to put into it to do it well, and how much repetativeness is involved.

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hmm, I do have to agree with you somewhat, but only to an extent. I pretty much stopped playing cr seriously in the middle of 2018 and my last log in was probably in october with no plans to return in the near future. While I do agree a lot of the activities were grind fests when I left, that situation may have changed because I read a number of things about an activity overhaul. What I have to kinda disagree on is the roleplay side of things. Rp in cr does work, even if it might not look like it on the outside. The thing is, it usually restricts itself to when hosts put on events. Self-made rp is not something you'll find a lot of in a game like this. Because cr tries to cater to everyone at once, it loses out on some rp related things because it also has to account for those who don't want to rp. Also, I don't know why you think the newbie experience is so bad. Generally, there was always at least one newbie helper online to monitor the channel when I played, plus the other players. When asking questions on newbie people could expect answers. Now as I said, my knowledge is at least four months out of date, but I can't imagine the situation has changed so drastically to make the newbie experience a bad one.

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While I agree to an extent with the grind fest, that is something the admins are aware of and are working on various fixes, plus bare in mind the game changes completely when you get a ship and likely changes again when you get a factory (something I've not managed to do yet).

I also can't complain about the newbie experience myself, since I always get questions answered on newbie channel.

As for bugs, yes, the game occasionally has bugs, but that is because there are so many updates and frequent changes, and unlike other muds I've played whenever you submit a bug report, especially a serious one like your ship going missing, one of the admin staff always looks it over. You even get rewards for reporting bugs too.

I can't speak about roleplay as that's not really my thing.

So, while I agree with the criticisms to an extent, I also think these are things the staff are aware of and are fixing the way they fixed combat, indeed the best thing you can do with these sorts of concerns is mention them to the staff, that if Dardar doesn't notice this topic and respond himself directly, something which he has done in the past when similar issues have been raised.

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2019-02-10 19:37:21

I reasonly stopped playing simply, once again, I don't have time to play a mud, and keep myself up to date on all the awesome stuff which is going on in this game every day. So if I had the time, then I would still play this awesome mud.
I have never had any issues on getting newbie questions answered, and I feel I'm one of the players who have used the newbie channel very active... smile Sometimes, players just don't have the time to answer questions. Then, you can either wait and ask again later, ask on an other channel, ask someone privately etc.
Regarding role playing: I don't get what you mean. Role playing is totally up to you. You can choose to role play in character on many of the channels. You can also meet up with other players, and role play for example in ships when doing missions, or when doing activities with other players.
I don't see grinding as a huge issue. There are so many different activities to do so you should never be bored. You can quickly get to level 200, where you can get your own factory, which opens up for a ton of awesome possibilities.
I'm sorry, but I don't share your experience at all. There are so many things you can do in the game. Also many unique things, which I haven't seen in other games.

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