2019-02-09 15:56:08

Hi all, i would like to know what is the best keyboard on android to type with?
I can't use soft braille keyboard on this phone, as it only has a multy touch level of 2, whitch meens i can only use 2 fingers at the same time, and i think i will need a level of 6.
I tried swift keyboard, but it is kind of slow with talkback, don't know why.
I don't like geyboard, because i just don't know why, i guess i don't like it.
I am just looking for a keyboard that is fast to type with...
any help would be appreciated!

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2019-02-09 16:10:58

I personally just use gboard, Google's keyboard and it has quite nice features like auto speaking text suggestions and so on. The speed could be better but it's not bad. Alternatively, if you are on a Samsung phone Samsung's keyboard is definitely faster, but that's about the only thing I can say good about Samsung's software nowadays.

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2019-02-09 16:13:21

I agree. i am currently using the samsung keyboard, i just wanted to make sure if there was any better keyboard than that. and you are right that samsung's keyboard is the only nice thing about them. but thanks

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2019-02-09 17:47:57

i want use gboard, but it have once typing and i can't use it i like only voice imput option and guys if you know disabling once typing on gboard how i can do it? thanks.

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2019-02-09 19:21:25

What is once typing? Don't quite understand. If you mean something like lift your finger to insert a letter, that's honestly faster than double tapping and pretty much any keyboard does it. If you mean something else, then you can describe it better.

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2019-02-09 19:37:28

i can't use doubletyping on gboard? i mean if i tap once, it is typing letter and i hate it

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2019-02-09 19:58:12

Honestly I prefer this. The way I always thought is that double tap to type is something you should use as a beginner, otherwise you type slowly and typing on a touchscreen is slower anyways. There are not too many keyboards supporting double tap to type, blind accessibility and Samsung being 2 I can remember right now.

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2019-02-09 20:43:39

I think cm keabord and google keabord are best

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2019-02-09 20:48:11

The only other "double-tap" keyboard out there, is "exclusively" to "LG" devices, which is not on by default.

2019-02-09 22:33:21

Wireboard is great. Download it on your phone and your pc and pair the two together. It allows you to use your pc to type on your android phone, and you can even copy/paste. I love it.

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2019-02-10 00:08:31

Wait just a sec, how can I download wireboard or did I missed something?

Well, just my electronic part, if you need it. If you like my posts, thumbs up to me. I'm just happy for being here! Oh yeah yeah.

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2019-02-10 00:31:58

Download the windows client here, and download the android app here

O, they ruled the solar system near ten thousand years before, in their single starcrossed scout ships, mining asteroids, spinning lore.
Then one true courageous miner spied a spaceship from the stars. Boarded he that alien liner out beyond the orb of Mars.

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2019-02-10 15:53:01

goodness! this question falls right into place because as much as I liked the blackberry priv with its physical keyboard which was part of the phone, it did suddenly die on me after about four years of wonderful service. So perhaps I will buy the blackberry key 2 (though social media its important for me and this just doesn't cut it according to all reviews), but as much as I would grin at the future its time to perhaps start to move on and away from the very few physical keyboard phone options out there.
So what about other physical keyboards? I heard that samsung has or sells keyboard covers for phones which do have nfc and they are quite nice things to carry around, but am not totally sure since these phones are falling out of specs and age as of this very same year. I must confess that my incredibly wonderful lovable friends and the orbit braille display have truly saved me in these hard trying times ... I got a cheap Haier G51 HM-G553-FL  phone, which runs android 7.0 and can handle talkback and basic tasks fine as a temporary solution until I really decide which one to get. Given that accessibility did truly improve dramatically over the last times (I say this because the cheap phone I got was totally possible and actually somewhat easier to setup than many years ago) I feel I could get whatever trendy or whatever phone is out there and just use the keyboard as an accessory (I tend to chat more during stuff like the rush hour or where I am being more still)
what do you think?
Oh, right. I would believe that things like whatsapp web or facebook messenger really defeat the purpose of Wireboard , no?
Also, what about M braille or other braille based touch keyboards? As far as i have tried them, to me they are a nice try, a close but not cigar thing, an I would be really nice if... type of apps. I think with M braille you have to use the app only and it will never become a valid replacement keyboard app because you always had to leave the app you were trying to type on to use it, whatsapp for instance... but I could be wrong. I once tried soft braille keyboard without much success, but if I can type braille at high speed on my phone this would just also be it.

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2019-02-10 19:25:24

I think GBoard's = best typing, with swiftkey behind it.

2019-02-10 23:54:40 (edited by UltraLeetJ 2019-02-10 23:55:13)

tried g board andd like it! very responsive. I wonder, since it says something about long press for accessibility and then a very very small delay, I am really not sure what does that mean, we can maybe long press letters and things now?
Swiftkey not sure, but  swift braille: total disappointment, my eloquence kept crashing every single time, I would be able to type a single letter and then it stopped working altogether.

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2019-02-11 03:40:11

Long pressing on a letter, or rather keeping a finger on it for a longer period allows you to type special characters. I am not sure what it does in English, but for example in other languages long pressing a could give you a with accent and so on. In settings you can adjust the delay, basically how much you hold your finger on a key before it recognises it as a long press.

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2019-02-11 07:02:08 (edited by UltraLeetJ 2019-02-11 07:46:37)

thanks for this, I will fiddle around some more with it.
has anyone given some thought to the decaTXT?
even though it is expensive it sounds really interesting (the concept is a bit similar to how notetakers work, perkins style layout sort of) and probably would be as discrete as a blackberry phone keyboard, no?
I have found two more but with severe shortcomings, the second one way more than the first one if you look at the reviews.
I am still searching, but I think for now the best bet I have found is this
other ideas are the famous keyboard cases, but then you should have a terribly bulky phone or tablet to be successful with these. I have just ran out of ideas, sorry.

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2019-02-11 15:50:07 (edited by UltraLeetJ 2019-02-11 15:55:53)

right. I have also tried the t9 option, but neither this or even much less this other one are accessible, and swiftkey does not support Spanish or other language in t9 entry mode. SO I think I have exhausted all options. The only three attractive proposals as of this very moment, from being able to do the fastest to the slowest  typing for me are: 1. decaTXT (though producing international characters can be a bit cumbersome), but most correction dictionaries can fix that easily. 2. Use my orbit 20 reader all the time or some of the external keyboards I had suggested above (almost a no no for true portability) or 3. Learn Morse code or just be really great with Gboard or whatever other keyboard app, and that is still not fast enough.

Unless someone has other ideas, I am leaning to stick to option 3 and 2, for now, and in the medium to long term when I can finally affor it, option one. Which is good because I can now use whatever phone or tablet I want using exactly the same device which is worthy to have, and there is basically no keyboard layout and so on, because in the future the idea is that decaTXT will be integrated on say, a bike's steering bar, or a small screen, ETC ETC, eliminating all sort of involved typing and the like, so that you yourself are  the keyboard layout.. sort of. Any opinions on this dying topic are of course more than appreciated.

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2019-02-12 06:38:32

I finally got a phone. I settled on the samsung galaxy 9a. Too early to tell, but first performance and accessibility related stuff leaves me with a very good impression of the whole thing.
As the voice xbi or however that thing is spelled will probably never be available in Spanish I decided to get an app to remap the button and its pretty neat actually, because you can have a few more functions, the mapping is pretty versatile as well.

I tried Wireboard. A few minor setup hassles and a website that is practically broken with absolutely 0 documentation made me almost quit, but then the app magically connected and so on. But then the next disappointment came: Typing in the Wireboard window using the pc keyboard was horribly unreliable, at least when entering my phone number in an app. So what I did was type whatever i wanted in a notepad file, then literally copy paste the text in the window and it worked just wonderfully.

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2019-02-16 17:02:53

Anyone using the blind keyboard, or however is it called?

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2019-02-16 18:28:46

I've just been using g-board, as we have no bsi option as of yet, or ever.  I'd really like one though, it's great on IOS.

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2019-02-17 00:15:41


https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … p;hl=en_US

The above, is yourf best bet in a Braille Screen Input keyboard. FYI, you can find tutorials via the link below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXfcIBE … b7MrM-wogl

2019-02-18 20:16:59

ugh.. really? there is no trial version for it and I think I liked the connecting the dots concept better, though I think it still would be a very slow thing to do

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2019-02-18 20:33:05

Or just get an APK of softbraille, lol was even free before it was removed anyway, and there's no sort of trial for this one that I know of.

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2019-02-19 01:00:32

I should note, with Advanced Braille Keyboard, you can use it with a Bluetooth keyboard.

As for Swift Braille, even if it doesn't support contractions, always  loved its concept! And ya don't have to turn off the screen reader you're using.
Connecting the dots honestly, very easy!


Disclaimer: I am was a "beta testor" for this lovely product.