2019-02-08 20:30:18

Hello audio and video gamers. Spring is here, spring is here, time for skittles and, time for a new marathon stream. Ok, spring is about a month away. lol! There will be a stream the first weekend of spring, but this time it will be different. It will be a mixture of just about everything, and a bit more. I put together a google form  for you all to fill out with about 3 or so questions.. You do have my permission to spread the link. Also, welcome to all new subscribers to the channel, especially the youngest one we have, 9 or 10 years of age. That was fun.

So, how do I get to this form? Good question. Here's the link.


You have my permission to spread the link to forums and twitter accounts you know might be interested. You may also do facebook  what's app etc, all I ask is you be respectful when filling out the form. I do not want to see trash on there. Treat this like a survey and a way to collect information.

All of you have a blessed and  happy Friday. The form will close mid march.

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