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This is the first part of my Killer Instinct definitive edition guide. Since it's my first guide, please be patient if I made mistakes and help me to make it better with your feedback.

I'll start with some notes:

1 Note that I'm using an xbox 360 controller here, so I'll use A, B, X and Y keys. If you have an xbox1 controller, press the correspondent buttons.

2 All the menues do wrap.

3 I'm playing with the Italian edition. I've tried to translate the concepts of the options names as best as I can, however, the wording may be slightly different from the english version.

4 The guide is still very incomplete. I'll fill the spaces as I play and depending on my sighted friends availability to help me. It shouldn't take too long.

And now, let's start!

When you lounch the game, you'll be on the logo screen. You'll hear a voice saying killer instinct. After that, Press A

Main menu
Shadowlord, single player, multi player, shop, exit.

Shadow lord menu

When you enter shadow lord, you'll receive your Daily Loot. Press B to see the actual menu.

New game, multiplayer, shadow lord rankings.

When you enter into new game, press A to go forward and B to go back. I didn't played this part yet, so I can't give you more information right now.

When you enter into multiplayer, press A to go forward and B to go back. I didn't played this part yet, so I can't give you more information right now.

Shadow lord rankings menu
Rankings for single player, rankings for multiplayers.

Let's go back to the main menu and look at the single player menu

Single player menu
Fighting, master, shop and collection, fightings archive, settings and guide,

Fighting menu

Player vs pc, shadow lab, story, survival, pc vs pc

Player vs pc menu

As you enter, you have to choose your fighter. The fighters are organized in 3 rows. The first 2 rows contain 9 fighters, the third one contains 11 fighters. Note that if you press the left arrow while on the last character of a row, it will take you back to the first character of that row. This character selection screen remains the same everytime you have to select your character.

First row
Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, ShadowJago, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal, Fulgore

Second row
TJ Combo, Maya, Kan-Ra, Riptor, Omen, Aganos, Hisako, Cinder, ARIA

Here, note that, if you turn to TJ Combo and you press the down arrow, you'll be on the second fighter of the third row and you have to go left to reach the first.

Third row
Kilgore, Kim Wu, Tusk, Arbiter, Rash, Shin Hisako, Mira, Gargos, General RAAM,E yedol, Eagle

While you're in this menu, press Y for settings and RB to reassign commands.

Settings menu
Time limit, difficulty.
To modify time limit and difficulty, use the left and right arrows.

After you select the character, you have to select first the uniform and then the color using left and right arrows.

Then, you must choose your adversary, it's uniform, it's color.

After that, you choose the arena and you're good to go.

Shadow lab menu

When in the shadow lab, press Y for shadows activities.
Here, there are lots of challenges to unlock and I've not unlocked them yet. However, when you choose a challenge, you have to choose your character and then to press A until the game says fight on and then you're good to go.

Story menu

Season 1, season 2.

Season 1 menu
Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, ShadowJago, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal, Fulgore

Season 2 menu
TJ Combo, Maya, Kan-Ra, Riptor, Omen, Aganos, Hisako, Cinder, ARIA

After selecting your fighter, choose the uniform and the color and you're good to go.

Note: to start the mach, press the start button.

Survival menu
Shadow survival, classic survival

Shadow survival menu
Choose your character as in the character selection screen. After that, press A to start from the beginning or B to select the serie already available

Classic survival
Here, select your character, it's uniform, it's color, good to go.

Now, the menu that comes up when you pause a fighting

Resume, commands list, controller, fightings archive, guide and settings, character selection, exit.

Pc vs pc menu
Here, you just have to select two characters and their stuff.

Master menu
Dojo, training, anti combo training, trials.

In the dojo menu, there are 16 basic lessons and 16 advanced lessons. To go from the basic ones to the advanced ones, press rb.

Basic lessons
movement, running and jumps
Parry various attacks
attacking from a standing position, from a crouching position and while jumping
executing basic combos with simplified combos
executing shadow tecniques and ultracombos with semplified combos
executing complex attacks
executing throwings and how to contrast throwings
executing Jago's special attacks
Executing Jago's shadow attacks
Executing basic combos
Potential damages and combo limits
Breaking Jago's autodoubles
Execute an ultracombo
Understanding the advantage of the instinct mode
Avoiding and neutralizing projectiles
Juggle hits and bouncing against walls

Advanced lessons
Executing crossups with jumping attacks
Hitting a jumping  adversary
Adding manuals to combo
Executing inverse attacks
How to best use dashes and jumps
Executing and neutralizing mixups after landing
Punishing missed attacks and insecure attacks
Understanding how do target areas work
Reading and using the frame's datas
Informations about frame traps
Executing shadow counter attacks while under pression
Learning how and why executing resets
Maximizing combos bluffing a lockout
Executing juggles starting from different situations
Breaking Jago's linkers and shadow linkers
Test yourself with difficult combos

Here, select your character, it's uniform, it's color, the adversary, and you're good to go.

Now, the menu you get when you pause a training fight

Resume, command list, controller, restart, guide and options, choose your character, exit.

In this menu, press rb to set the sparring settings. Move with the right and left arrows to adjust current settings, move with up and down arrow to select a different settings to change. The settings from top to bottom are:

Action, difficulty, guard, anticombo, adjust combo interruption, anti throw contrast, standing up fast, counterattack.

Here, press rb again to set the options for the training. The menu works as the last one. The settings from top to bottom are:

Maximum health, health regeneration, shadow indicator, instinct indicator, attack datas, show combo status, visualize commands, target areas.

If you press rb again, you can choose the theme for the training.

Anticombo training menu
Here, select your character, the uniform, the color, the adversary, the uniform, the color. When you're done, you have to choose the difficulty using left and right arrow. The options are

Beginner, intermediate, advanced, ultra, personalized. If you choose personalized, you then have to choose doubles, automatic doubles, linkers, manual linkers, shadow linkers.

Trials menu

Survival, dojo, training, exibition.

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