2019-02-08 12:30:10

Hi all,
sorry to be bothering with this question here but unfortunately several local discussion sites and eshops themselves yielded no response at all so far.

I've been strongly considering the AEG L9WBC61B washer drier. I had owned an older model by AEG before, in the previous apartment where I lived with my ex in a different city, and I would really love to get one now but naturally a newer model. I've heard and read they're even more powerful, reliable and less prone to failure these days. I've had great experience with the previous AEG, so I'd like to avoid having to resort to a different, unfamiliar brand if possible.

Does anyone know or have this particular machine or at least a different one but from the same series, i.e. series 9? I'm wondering about the accessibility of the controls on the appliance. The older (series 8, I believe) model had hardware buttons that were all tactile. As far as I understand this model, having had a sighted person describe the photos in the user's guide to me, the display itself is not touch-enabled on this unit and there still are several tactile hardware controls such as the power button and the dial to choose the required cycle, but other buttons are not tactile. They are supposed to be individual touch, sensory buttons but located outside the display itself. If that's in deed the case, it should mean the unit would still be accessible with no vision. Since the buttons are supposed to be located outside the display and thus never dynamically change their position or meaning, it should be feasible to just glue some tactile markers (rubber or a single brailled letter or something) slightly above each button so that I would be able to locate the required function precisely.

Does anyone have any experience or input on this matter at all? I'd be extremely grateful for any informed response.


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