2019-02-05 18:27:32

So I am trying to teach my self how to use Lua and I'm wondering two things.
1. Is there a way I can use tolk.dll from Lua.
2. What is better to use a print statement or io.write?

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2019-02-05 18:53:54

You can probably do so by using a LuaJIT version using FFI by binding the relevant functions to corresponding lua functions. Maybe the Tolk developer will appreciate your efforts and deploy the lua bindings together with the actual Tolk library as well, just contact him if he's interested or maybe he already knows about existing bindings.
About print() and write(), print() is designed to work for debugging-purposes only, automatically resolving custom data types to be more informational and thus only prints to STDOUT stream, whereas io.write() can also write to other streams and doesn't resolve custom data types, so you'll have to do this on your own.
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