2019-02-05 16:58:51

Ahoy all,
So now that I have a computer that I can actually play mainstream games on, I was wondering What games there actually are those are playable by us? using ocr and whatnot.
I don't mean pokemon non crystal type of games that is where you read walkthrough and sit and guess whether or not you are doing things right and involves huge amounts of memorization such as many people having played the pokemon games on here.
as much as I would love to play all the pokemon games out there, and the tremendous respect that I have for those totally blind gamers that have completed these games, I don't believe I have the memory or the time and of course the patients for such a thing, so any other games those don't require the amounts of memorization like pokemon would be nice to know about I.E injustice gods among us is one neat game that I remember playing and Karateka was absolutely fantastic because it was simple but not too much at the same time, was entirely playable besides the bloody eaggles and I didn't need help.
  Also, How is steam set up nowadays? is it still the same as it was before, has anything changed for the better? etc?
Cheers and thanks,

Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.
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2019-02-05 17:38:33

mortal kombat 9, mkx, skullgirls, injustice 2, street fighter, and and,
also steam got better, the inapp browser is usable now, my NVDA reads it.

it's challenge not chalange

2019-02-07 14:43:36

well, there are guides being worked on for call of juty black ops 3 and, call of  juty  WW 3.
hopefully even more games are made Accessible

Have a lovely day.

2019-02-10 13:12:36 (edited by grryfindore 2019-02-10 13:14:10)

Thanks guys for your tips.
Steam is having a major sale atm so I'll try and pick these up, Skullgirls I already have as I bought it ages ago, rest not so much
COD is accessible, really? Wouldn't have expected it to be.
If people have suggestions for any  playable games accessible or nearly so, I'd love to know them specially because the sale is on atm lol
Only for the pc though, as I don't have a console

Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.
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