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I know a lot of people have wanted WEBL, the web boxing league to be added to the database for a while now.
I've looked over the game, registered, read the help files, created a fighter, and ran some practice bouts.

I've written This description, since firstly sports management is less my prefered genre, secondly my knowledge of boxing isn't exactly extensive, and thirdly I know there are people here who have played much more of the game than me, I'd appreciate any feedback, comments or suggestions of what might need to be added to the description.

Bear in mind that The purpose of Db page descriptions is to give enough information to potential new players to know what the game is about, how its played and why they might want to play it. They're not intended either as direct reviews with positive/negative comments, or as extensive strategy guides, though obviously if people have! constructed reviews or guides etc, we try to put links to them on the pages for sake of convenience.

So, the WEBL description doesn't need to be a detailed guide, but it does need to give enough detail to let potential new managers know what they're getting into.

thanks in advance.

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