2019-01-10 13:08:18

This is a class I have made. Probably noone will have any use of it, but I upload it here, because I would like someone more clever, experienced and intelligent to tell me what I've done wrong.
I really would like to learn to program well, that is one of my biggest dreams, so I hope that someone will help.
List of functions
void DownloadUpdater(url, filename)
string CheckNetVersion(url).
I will try and add more useful functions to it, like Hot patching that Ethin mentioned in another topic. Enough rambling, here's the link

Raduvay se, raduvay
Raduvay se domaki ne
Kolko liste po gorach
Tolko zdrave na taz kyshcha

2019-01-10 13:40:47

Yea. Con gratulations. smile
I will use it.

You must know... Cats are soft!