2019-01-10 10:07:53

for 2d, this is not much of the problem since pybox2d, pymunk etc are available.
but the problem rises with 3d rigid bodies and stuff
for c++, bullet, physX, newton etc are available
for python pybullet is available which is the port of bullet. but thats not good at all.
1. do you know of a good physics engine or a port to python? (i want to do my other logic in python, and i need physics simulation beside it).
2. if not, whats your idea regarding newton? it performs good, and i've made a simple wrapper in swig for it.

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2019-01-10 11:25:18

[Panda3D] has a basic physics engine that can handle linear forces and viscosity, bindings for Bullet, and the Open Dynamics Engine. Another would be [Project Chrono], or the usual suspects for scientific computing like SciPy, Matplotlib, NumPy, etc. Newton seems like a decent library, so that might work also.

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2019-01-10 16:37:43

how can i install project crono into python 32 bit?
in the website, it says the installer only detects and installs into python's 64 bit

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