2019-01-08 13:44:56 (edited by ogomez92 2019-01-08 13:48:15)

Has anyone played Universal Paperclips?
It's a nice game, it's on the app store and also online for free
Basically it's one of those clicker games, you are an AI and need to  make paperclips, expand your company and obtain computing resources to generate more income, then get more materials, battle, etc.
It's fully accessible though there is some small visual content, but the visual content is not necessary to play.

The source code is on github and you can clone, and play it using index.html

I was unable to find the original source though this is a nearly identical mirror, the only major change is that it has cheatings enable, but I don't recommend cheating especially if its your first game.

You can also get it from app store for like 2 euros 29 cents.

When the webpage first loads you get a graphic, the way to get past it is by clicking on it or maybe waiting. I think its a logo splash screen.
The source code is 100% javascript, and maybe I will change the quantum computing to make it descriptive and thus accessible, though again, quantum computing also works, you just hit the compute button and thus the pictures aren't necessary.


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