2019-01-04 08:40:11

Hy guys.I want this topic to be a more open introduction to yourselfs.
For example i will start.
My name is Ionut.Im fully blind for two and a half years.
In 2009 i got my left eye removed because of a disease.
In 2016 that same disease affected the right eye but this time the doctor saved the eye.
But for now im blind.The doctor said that one day i will see again with my right eye.
Im 22 years old.I love to stay at the pc.
Im using the pc with a nvda screen reader.
That is mi more open introduction.
So lets hear your introduction guys.It doesnt have to be the same but something like this.
If you dont want to post dont post.I dont want this topic to be something that people feelt obligated to do.
Thanks and sorry for bad english!

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