2019-04-08 21:23:25

Hi guys,

good news for the game,

In recent releases, the game has introduced a number of new things.

1. several new countries including: Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Portugal, Romania, and several others.
2. Pets are now in the game, you can get things like snakes, rabbits, goldfish, dogs, cats, and a couple others.
3. If you pay to get rid of the ads, which is a good idea for the fact it makes the game easier to navigate anyhow, you can also  get exotic pets. What I have seen so far is I had the opportunity at one point to buy a mountain lion.
4. there has been a robust improvement in relationships that makes interactions a lot more varied and a lot easier to handle.
5. you can talk to your kids about college and the majors they choose and such.

Just thought I'd put up some new updates.

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2019-04-10 09:41:49

That is nice, when I will be able to play, I will play in my own country.

I am myself and noone is ever gonna change me, I am the trolling master!

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2019-04-10 13:47:29

Usually, country is randomly determined each playthrough, but I've been told you can set the country you start in in some way.

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2019-04-10 17:00:44

yeah you can. if you choose new life from the main menu. you change a lot from there.

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2019-04-11 00:26:05

Oh god, if I start this game, I get whisked down a rabbit hole that I don't get out of for hours. LOL.
I love it, but I don't play often, just because of that.
Glad to see updates.

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2019-04-11 03:08:38

I really like the new update that just came out. You can continue as your child after you die, or relive the life you just lived. You can also reorganize the cemetery. I read that you can delete lives from the cemetery but I haven't figured out how.

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2019-04-11 11:12:49

i notice that android  version have returned to google play, but sadly we can not access at all.

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2019-04-11 16:14:50

Ok, so just by pressing the age button on Bitlife apart from asking my boyfriend for a conversation, my first character F died as a writer with $9000000. BF/Fiance for 20 years until I ended it. My second M was a janitor until the age of 81 with $212000. I think I'm doing it wrong. smile

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2019-04-11 17:13:36 (edited by omer 2019-04-11 17:14:17)

how 9 mil without doing anything lol i'M amused

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2019-04-11 23:22:41

I think the game glitched, somehow she got a raise of 1300%.

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2019-04-11 23:27:35


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2019-04-15 08:31:54

Yeah, the android version returned, but the only accessible things are the ads lol.
I wish we could play, I would even buy the premium version, but I dont think that will change anything.

I am myself and noone is ever gonna change me, I am the trolling master!

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2019-04-15 17:44:42

I tried tweeting them about it a few times, no reply though. everyone else gets an instant reply.

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2019-04-15 23:29:18

Just tried the android version as well, couldn't even access the adds.

I wish I was born as a synthesizer, so you could push the buttons and pull the nobs
Icemaster - the cold throat singer and keyboardist

2019-04-15 23:46:34

I love this game. Playd a few months ago but couldent work around the issues I had. I might pick it up again? What has changed? Cant wait to redownload.

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2019-04-16 00:13:36

it's a lot more accessible now. they added pets too.

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2019-04-19 01:59:32

also in the most recent update, you can replay your life after you die if you want or on the other hand you can play as your kid after you die.

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2019-05-02 21:39:00

hello all,

an update and a question for any of you other players.

The Fame update has come out in Bitlife now and now you can work to become a real celebrity through fame and other things. Along with that, there are some more pets, including lots of new cats and dogs, a few small animals, and what I am happy about, a few new exotic pets you can get like dingos and wolves. I love wolves so would really like to own one.

Your loved ones can now get kidnapped as well as a little event they chose to put in there.

On the lines of things going missing, the game has a notifications thing it does where it will bring up random events at weird times and you can get on your game and do things like scoop up money, get new pets, or stop people from robbing your house or stealing your car.

Those last two make me want to ask you something.

Believe it or not, I don't just keep my tablet around me at all times,  and sometimes these random events have come up at times I've been asleep or otherwise occupied. Because of this, I've had my car stolen twice on this playthrough. Once in the evening but I was doing something else at the time and once in the middle of the night last night.

This is getting me annoyed so if someone knows how to make this stop, please let me know.

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2019-05-02 21:57:56

how do you rob places?
when ever i do that the dog takes a chunk outa my ass rofl

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2019-05-02 22:08:37

no, that's not what I mean, sometimes the notifications that come up tell me I'm being robbed, not that I'm robbing someone. Sometimes it tells me people are trying to steal my car as well, that is what is annoying me.

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2019-05-03 00:40:09

If you turn off notifications it might fix it

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2019-05-03 03:09:07

I give up on the remaining accessibility issues. I will still play the game, but it's sad that they don't care. One last thing to try would be to post a submission to r/bitlifeapp on Reddit when they are active there, because they seem to be active at certain times and replying to posts.


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2019-05-03 12:44:34

Someone replied to a post on twitter asking them to fix the issues, and they actually replied to them and said they would address it. I can try to find the exact tweet, but that was also before the last update so I'm not sure. It might take a few updates.

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2019-05-03 23:52:26

they have fixed a lot, most of the stuff I actually care to do I actually can do. I'm not big on burglary or escaping from prison and those are the only things I've found I really can't do so I'm good.

I am playing IOS though so if you have Android, you might be having more trouble than me on this one.

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2019-05-05 16:42:52

Yeah, andriod ver has returned, but we can't play it. I also tried the APK given erlier in this topic, but i can't get past the intro screens.


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