2018-12-21 15:47:57

So, I saw a post by Carter Tem (sorry for spelling errors if any), But now that topic is nowhere to be found? What happened here?

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2018-12-21 15:54:50

Simple, Munawar deleted his topic after he noticed some good points raised that were not his own therefore instead of having a civil discussion or just moving on, he deleted the topic. Which is a rather childish move if I can say.
If what I just said did not happen, I am happy to be corrected.

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2018-12-21 16:23:02

Yeah, I'm really struggling to find a reason as to why the topic simply vanished, and at such an opportune time to boot. Either way I guess we'll wait for him to provide explanation (if any) and continue the discussion here. Assuming the deletion was deliberate, this is the last time I'm helping the guy. You simply don't, don't do that, no questions asked.
Below I've pasted a copy of the aforementioned post as a sort of starting point if you will. Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all attempting to fan the flames. But deleting a topic with 60 or so posts that people took time to write really isn't cool. Feel free to provide corrections, I've never deleted a topic, but I believe the forum has a confirmation, are you absolutely sure by all the gods you want to actually continue? If this isn't the case it certainly should.

The amount of false information and invalid content shrouded in opinion and negative experience is really pretty astounding. Of course matters are bound to get somewhat salty when discussing our favorite languages, it's the inevitable apples and oranges debate, but what I'm seeing here is

Hey I made some nice hot apple pie.
Oh yes great I love apple pie, thanks.
Man have you tried pumpkin pie?
I can't stand pumpkin pie. It's a stupid idea. It's unnecessary. People shouldn't even need to have pumpkin pie on the dinner table. I hate the concept of pumpkin pie and hell with anyone who attempts to show me otherwise. To prove a point, I slid poison into pumpkin pie the other day. Have a look at that you guys, pumpkin pie can be poisoned! Don’t eat pumpkin pie if you don’t want to be poisoned!

Sarcasm aside, no idea why I'm even bothering to kick at a dead horse since you seem pretty set in your ways and don't care why I code in python3 and have been doing so successfully for a couple years. Your posts thus far have gone to leaps and bounds to show me that no matter what features or libraries or methods I´m able to show you for accomplishing a task, you'll refuse to listen because your hard set believing python is at fault here.
Munawar wrote:
My code is full of b'this' and b'that' and it drives me crazy.
If your code is full of b"this" and b"thats" all over the place, sorry but your just doing it wrong.
Munawar wrote:
I had fun proceeding to decrypt the OhShit save file and hacking it. smile That involved a bit more work because I had to find out how he's encrypting things.
Now, I have access to the Runner without ever unlocking the achievement (yay!)
Let me start out by saying your currently reading a post by a devout reverse-engineer and pentester who enjoys nothing more than the challenge of breaking things. I have decompiled quite a few games myself, and treat it as a learning experience. I'm aware of how one would go about breaking pyinstaller encryption, which is really just a joke. I'm aware of this after spending hours attempting to understand pyinstallers code and how it works and most importantly why it works. I will literally spend days neck deep in a debugger and/or bytecode to figure out what I need to. As you said yourself, it's the challenge, the warm feeling one gets when they reach a goal.
Feel free to call me biased with this opinion since some of my code is in oh shit itself, but if you had spent much time in the scene you would realize that publicly boasting your accomplishments followed by a link to some scriptkitty software is generally frowned upon. When I manage to gain access to the code or resources of a game, I will go a long way to keep that to myself, aside from the developer who is informed in addition to given a list of suggestions. If I can't suggest anything, I send them a list of concise steps I used and show the fact that I'll be more than happy to guide you through the process. I make it a point to never use any information I have to my advantage while playing where at all possible. On contact, seems Stevo was never informed by you about this risk before the general public, which in addition to royally violating my moral compass expresses a willingness to break software. It sends a hard message to our past, present, and future fellow developers. It's a simple matter of disrespect for the insane time dedication put toward a project. I believe this world could be made a better place where this doesn't happen, it's simply a matter of decency but what do I know? That's merely an opinion.
If one wishes to take anything from that, the next version of oh shit will no longer be yours for the taking. Given that the python files themselves will be cythonized and protected by machine code, with a couple other additional layers for you to figure out, I wish you good luck in grabbing what you want. In the slim chance your able to use a debugger or maybe patch the executable, I assure you we're talking a lot more than simple tools found on github, I'm sure we'll all here about it, I'll say congratulations and proceed to be pretty impressed. To everyone who is willing to listen, feel free to get in contact privately, I don't mind helping when it comes to protection if that's the route you wanna travel. In an ideal world we wouldn't have to worry about such a thing, but as post 46 elegantly proves, we certainly don't live in an ideal world. Imagine what could be created if we were to spend more time assisting others in their work than we do breaking it?

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2018-12-21 18:30:46

What? deleted? That doesn't seem nice. Well. Nobody can delete this one for sure. Let's shift the discussion over here. smile

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2018-12-21 18:51:14

@3, wow, I'm thinking about asking you to reverse enginere my games now wen I make them, to stop people like that, thanks for making me aware of this! also, deleting the topic cause you didn't like what people were saying? I only did that once, and I was yunger and had a horrible time with critisism, but I'd never do that again, unless it got me like, thrown in prison or something rroflmao

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2018-12-21 23:06:23

You know, wasn't that entire toolset designed for C#? How did anyone get on the topic of python again? I think I vaguely remember someone bringing up wanting to use the dll with python, then some sort of discussion of python3 Vs. Python2 started.

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2018-12-22 00:12:59

No matter which language you use, the executable runs locally. So any form of encryption is really just obfescation, since your app will need to include the encryption key in order to actually decript the data. THe only way to eliminate this kind of cheating is to use a client-server model, wherein the server basically tells the client which sounds to play and how the menus should look. If the data is not stored locally, it can't be modified. You could reverse-engineer the server and write your own server which does whatever you want, but really who'd do that, and why?

There's no wrong or right way to do something, you'll always have to except some compromise. In python, relatively easy to reverse engineer and slowness are drawbacks, and especially the second one can be worked around. Python does abstract a whole lot of things away from you though, I wouldn't want to write a gui in C.

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2018-12-22 16:43:00

Well? Goes to show what kind of person everyone’s favorite tdv developer is. Everyone shows their true self at one point or another. And before anyone says that I’m to blame for not obfuscating, remember that Dragon Village and tactical battle are in Python and I was never compelled to reverse engineer.
I mean hey though, I’ll certainly obfuscate now that I know how, but this goes to show that the trollish little script kitties that hack and cheat online games... know no age.

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2018-12-23 02:10:01

I do remember that Dragon Village was in python, though, isn't Tactical Battle in C#? I doubt it matters in the long run, but still.

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2019-01-09 15:41:34

Yeah, Tactical Battle is deffinitely in C#

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