2008-11-22 22:23:49

This thread is to keep you informed on small changes to the functionality of the site. Please let us know if you encounter anything weird after an update.

2008-11-22 22:24:46

21-01-2009: Fixed an issue at the forum concerning forgotten passwords. Recovering logins should be possible again.

16-12-2008: error message when a favourite game is removed or changed by an admin suppressed. User is now able to remove this game from his favs.

16-12-2008: game updates on spy page only showed updated entries. Now shows updated descriptions as well. RSS also follows these updates.

3-12-2008: site optimisation, game database speed optimisation. Reduced server load and added a logging system. No interesting stuff for visitors! smile

22-11-2008: spy page - changed the latest game database changes to 20, instead of 10. Moderators are updating faster than ever!

2009-11-13 10:47:50

- Admin and moderator access restored.
- Favourite pages restored.

2009-11-13 14:09:47

- News section on frontpage fixed
- News archive fixed
Make sure to update your RSS links to the new RSS-feed address:
http://forum.audiogames.net/extern.php? … p;type=rss

2010-11-03 12:19:34

From today, our forum accepts OpenID logins. This might ease the registration process for some new users.
The avatar size is changed to 100x100 pixels.

2010-11-11 12:30:28

Some more changes to the site and forum...please let us know if anything does not work for you!

Personal Messages
Users can now send each other personal messages (PM).
If you do not want to receive PMs, change the email settings in your profile.

News option
Users can mark a post as news. This is listed in the news link in the forum menu. Only use this for real news!

Front page news is now displayed regardless of active responses, so responding to old topics does not bring up old messages.

2011-05-23 17:35:45

I installed a spam plugin but disabled captcha's. Please let me know in case the forum nags you with one. big_smile

2011-05-23 17:45:04

Ah yes, and Aprone kindly suggested to help us fight spam so we've added him to the moderation team! Thanks Aprone!

2011-11-15 20:29:08

The forum software has been updated to the newest version. I hope this keeps out some of the spammers.

2012-02-10 11:34:10

Feb 10 2012:
- Forum software update
- New style available (Urban) which is set to default. Features Audiogames Logo and other more user-friendly features. The old blue 'Oxygen' style is still available and probably default for most of you. You can test the new style if you like by selecting it in your profile.

2012-03-23 17:32:11

Hi! The login issues on the main site (favorites) are now solved. I disabled this during our database meltdown, but forgot to enable it when the database was up again. Thanks Dark for bringing this up and thank you all for your patience!

2012-03-23 17:51:30

Hurrah! thanks sander, now we can also get back to adding stuff to the db as well.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2012-08-06 13:13:01

Forum software updated to latest version!

2014-02-19 12:09:21

Today we've changed some of the URLs on the main site into friendlier alternatives. http://audiogames.net/contact.php is now http://audiogames.net/contact/
Please let us know if there's anything wrong with image links, file downloads etc.
Happy AudioGaming!

2015-07-13 17:41:10

Fixed game database dropdown quicklinks menu.
Updated PunBB forum software update.

2016-05-02 18:26:31

Improved loading times and installed a tweak that might reduce server load and improve server response.

2016-09-09 23:12:02

- Re-enabled user favorites for the game database. You can now favorite games and see which users like certain games.
- Fixed the view more games by this developer below game pages.
- Some changes for the admins/moderators of this site (will be announced privately).

2016-10-26 10:14:14

Added some additional security features to prevent an additional hexed XSS exploit, kindly suggested by a student team of White Hat Hackers.

2017-01-20 16:45:47

After a serious hack and block, for now, the following actions have been performed:
- security settings are now set to high. If you use a suspicious IP you might get challenged.
- forum registration is temporarily closed. When I activated the forum, 10 new spambots registered.
- extensions as User Karma etc. have been disabled. They break the forum.

2017-01-30 21:14:10

Functionalities User Karma and Posts to RSS are back.

2017-02-02 22:59:14

- News on the main page is now updated again when news is posted to the AG newsroom.
- Playcenter and experimental games reuploaded. Drive, The Curb Game, Sudo San are yet to be uploaded.

2017-02-04 22:32:56

- Private messaging activated.

2017-02-09 16:21:41

Logout time set to 1 hour of inactivity.

2017-04-28 13:34:37

Signatures disabled because of adult oriented content caused by spam bots.

2017-04-28 13:35:34

Changed caching setting to prevent some users to be logged in as someone else.