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I just got Madden 19 this past Sunday. I am currently playing the season mode on rookie. However I don't know how to change the skill level after I have started a season.
How do you change the skill level? Also what skill level would be medium?
How do you also make the field goal good from 50 yards or more? Also how do you get to the main settings to change skill level, quarter length and other options?
When I go into the main settings I don't see none of these things.


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Making any field goal good depends on whether you feel a vibration in your controller. If you do, move the left anilogue stick around until it stops. This will aim at the crossbar and your player will of course try to kick the ball to the correct spot, assuming your kick is good. 50 yards is almost the entire length of the field so the kick is going to need a lot of power. If you don't feel a constant vibration before the kick, the crossbar is dead ahead and you can try your luck at kicking the ball. The farther the goal, the chances are higher that a defender will stop it.

HTH, not sure about the skill setting. I need to change that myself.

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