2018-12-04 20:36:12 (edited by jacerbt 2018-12-05 16:58:56)

Hello! We need more audio pinball games. I love the pinball classic and xtreme titles along with the party pack and the game of blindfold pinball for iOS. There needs to be a pinball game with more realistic sounds. The ones in pinball classic and xtreme arn't realistic enough. We also need more bowling games, There is only one game that mimics real ten pin bowling on windows. There is also blindfold bowling, I love that one.

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2018-12-05 09:18:26

agreed....I have to check out the blindfold pinball

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2018-12-07 05:38:31

I'm not a fan of Blindfold Bowling myself, and not just because of my less than pleasant feelings towards that company in general. I just never got the hang of it, and didn't care for the sounds. In general, I agree with you, I would love to see a new pinball game or two. Tenpin Alley is a great game, and is pretty realistic, so I'm not so sure we need another bowling game. To each their own though, I wouldn't object to playing it if it did exist.

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2018-12-07 09:35:20

I'm afraid I wasn't %100 a fan of ten pin alley, while it had some great sound effects and bells and whistles, the actual gameplay always seemed a wee bit lacking being a fairly basic sterrio targeting fest, though I will freely admit I'm not exactly a huge sports game fan at the best of times, plus it is a very long time since I tried the game and its entirely possible I'd feel differently now big_smile.
On the other hand, I love the esp pinball games, indeed I've been waiting for more pinball party packs. They're imho some of the best arcade games we've got available with really rich sound effects and very adictive gameplay and were some of the first games I installed when  first got my Windows 10 machine and I still pull them out and play them on occasion.

blindfold pinball is a nice enough game, but suffers unfortunately from the design flaw which sadly affects a lot of blindfold games titles, namely that they have gone for customisation  progressive exploration.

For example, instead of making several pinball tables with different layouts and sound effects which would give different experiences to the player, they've simply got three basic table layouts, and a number of sound schemes.
So you can play the same table with starwars sounds or animal sounds if you want, and yet still have the same physics.

This is a problem in a lot of their games, indeed I think Blindfold racer is probably the only one of their  titles I've played which actually has progressive difficulty and the chance for different unlockables and experiences rather than just giving you the maximum choice of game types and options at the beginning and let you cobble things together yourself.

then again I haven't played any of their titles for a while, and actually need to for the db, so its possible things have changed (I do gather they have  a dog care sim in the works).

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2018-12-09 16:57:47

Here's an bowling game recording, But 100% korean.

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2018-12-09 19:40:58

Dark, the dog care game is already released for some time, but it's not really worth it. It's fun for the first few days or so, but if you look at all the upgrades which you have to purchase for real money, equaling over 15 dollars if you would get everything, which I am not willing to pay for a mobile game.
Also, the only dogs you have are small, medium and large, wow, totally what I would expect from a dog sim.

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2018-12-09 22:32:32

I agree, more pinball games would be great. does anyone know if it is possible to code a pinball game in bgt? I only ask, since bgt is already ready to go, and it seems like making a pinball game shouldn't be that hard. let me know your thoughts? and as far as the e,s,,p pinball games go, how the hell can we get the full versions. I have herd that the people who own those games never reply.

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2018-12-10 17:09:44

Speaking of bowling here is something I am wondering. DO anyone know of a accessible skeeball game that I can play?
I know about the one from blindfold but I am looking for one for the computer and iOS.

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2018-12-11 04:49:20

Check this thread to see what really happened with Draconis and there games at http://forum.audiogames.net/topic/26582 … rtainment/

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