2018-12-03 07:05:32

well, all wildblindtech bn games can soon be found in one package. Which includes:air hockeyvery buggy air hockey thing. helps with learning about strings thoughblazing gunThis one is just a star wars one where you fire a bunch of random random weapons around. It have some examples  of background and stuff in it. battlefield original: fire some weapons around. not nearly as advanced as trooper 2.56 which is for me.plane gameBasicly gtn. Guess the number style, fuel system parcially implemented. as you can imagine this is one of my very first practice star trek battleThis one is quite sufficstiated but it has a few bugs though. if you wonna play around with it though, then you cantank commanderfire lazers and misiles at enemy tanks. made slightly before trek I believe. agario braillenote edition I don't even know, I'll have a look at it.computer quizA smal game that I was forced to make by my class teacher. It's really quite stupid and anyone would know how to answer the questions. Most of them are wrong anyway.house sorterPuts you in some random house. When I was in like the third grade I added a few cringy extraszombie survivalA older version  the source, I dont have the latest. you just build games where the user runs around and tries to not get crunched by zombies.lifesim bn,  blindkiller and lt are going open source too.that's all  for now. if these help, and if you need me to make a few more to help you, let meh know.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.