2018-11-24 20:35:59 (edited by Jaseoffire 2019-01-05 05:07:52)

Right. So, I've been working on this sound utility to make working with Libaudioverse a bit easier, but I've been having trouble with the 3D stuff mainly. Here is the code. The project is using python.


I have removed the code for ease of not having to read that in the post itself.

End code

I should find a place to put the actual file, but I haven't decided where, yet.
(edit) The issue I've been having is that I cannot seem to get the sound to move around. I can place the sound, but it doesn't seem to move when I call the move function. Once I find a place for the files, I'll show off the project currently using this code.

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2019-01-05 05:05:23

Okay. Sorry to drag this up to the top, but now that I have the full context of the project, can anyone help me out with this one?
Here's the project:

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