2018-11-14 11:13:38

Hi.I started playing Torn City and i love this game.
After 2 days of playing this game i got stuck on starting a education course and i search this forum and i found out that many people have had the same problem.
With some help i figure it out how to finally do it.
After you choose you course(example biology)go the last heading then press down arrow 1 time and it should say the first class.In my case introduction to biology.With the keyboard try putting the mouse on this course(NVDA key+numpad /)and press left click.Now if you press H again it should say the name of the clas.Press down arrow the hear the class description requirements etc nad at last its say join this course.it will ask if you want to start this course press Yes and there you go.

I dont know if it is helpfull but i want to help those who are having problem with this thing.
If you have any question about Torn City feel free to ask!Thanks!

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