2018-11-09 01:29:23

I'll keep it short and sweet. I no longer have the juice or the desire to help run this board. I'd rather simply play games, and participate in the occasional discussion. Mods, i have removed myself from the mod mailing list, and Aaron if you could add me to the users group that would be great, Thanks, i'll still be around.

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2018-11-09 02:14:02

You were a great help to me recently.
I thank you for all your efforts on behalf of this community.

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2018-11-09 02:51:16

thank you so much. It's really sad for me to let go of my position, i just really don't have the energy anymore. I have gone through hell in my personal life in the past 3 years, and i'm still working through some stuff, i think a more passive member is what i need to be right now.

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2018-11-09 09:41:42

o god, you to?,
we'll miss ya alot

2018-11-09 10:15:36

oh... sh*t

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2018-11-09 10:51:52

not trying to be mean, but this stepping down is getting old, and makes people wonder, what's really going on? why everyone is stepping down? there has to be a reason to this that they aren't willing to tell us,

2018-11-09 15:27:55

arg! we're not gonna have any staff left unless Jade actually comes threw with the new staff topic thingy

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2018-11-09 15:47:22 (edited by black_mana 2018-11-09 15:49:18)

what the hell is going on?, like 4  staf members have already steped down, if there is something going on, why don't you tell us?

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2018-11-09 17:37:48

Speaking only for myself and the small role I had, the reason I stepped down is the incredible increase in snark and negativity on this forum. It seemed to me that no matter what the mods tried to do, no one was going to be satisfied. Who wants to devote their time and effort to an unappreciative community when there are so many other more productive things that could be done with one's time?
I will not speak for the other mods, but that was my reasoning. No big conspiracy, just a level of self-respect that wouldn't allow me to be bashed for volunteering.

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2018-11-09 17:44:03

Thank you, Mirage. You beat me to the punch.

No, folks, there's no huge dramatic conspiracy bubbling around under the surface. The mod mailing list is pretty calm at the moment. Productive discussion is happening, albeit slowly. The community, too, seems to be calming a little bit. But the last little while has been, to put it mildly, a shitstorm. Some of it was well merited, and some of it wasn't. We made mistakes, and we got accused of things, and we made some bad choices, and were accused of making bad choices when we didn't, and warnings were given that shouldn't have been...all that jazz. It wasn't pretty. A lot of people probably stepped up to be staff here because it used to a fairly calm place to be. That may return, but right now there's a lot of tension involved, and there's only so much some people are willing to put up with. This is where one of my own personal strengths comes in, as I have extremely thick skin and don't mind getting my hands dirty, as it were. I won't quit just because it gets difficult.
That being said, I respect and support everyone who has decided to step away from their former duty as staff members. I was looking forward to working alongside many of them, and the team definitely feels emptier for their absence.

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2018-11-09 17:44:19

That's why i did as well. Noone could ever agree on anything. And the amount of snark, and down-right disrespect became to much to deal with.

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2018-11-09 18:43:27 (edited by keyIsFull 2018-11-09 18:46:34)

Lol, I just had a funny idea. Instead of closing flame war topics where people are just causing animosity for each other and yelling, a vote of 50% or more of the staff team, including 1 administrator, can  decide to move the topics to a new room called the Kids room. That way, no one gets mad that they are not allowed to speak because they still can, but those who don't want to read about it can avoid it. It's like a quarantine, and it also is a sort of quiet warning to those involved that the mods believe that their intercourse is probably doing more harm than good. Of course there will be some people who will not be happy about their topic being moved and create a new one, or accuse the mod team of colluding against him or something, but we can deal with that on a case by case basis. Most people will just keep on arguing in that topic instead of spreading the flame to others.

It is unfortunate that I had the thought of suggesting this because I really shouldn't have to, but I also think that the best way to deal with the situation is to make light of it somehow. The average age of audio gamers is going down and not up, and we can't expect all kids to act like adults all the time while they are on here. They are far more prone to impulsive decisions, and haven't developed as much long-range thinking skills.  So let kids be kids, I say.

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2018-11-09 22:12:53

@12 haha that's brilliant.

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2018-11-09 22:34:11

Holy crap... like, litterly the only staff members left are aaron and jayde. I mean, i'm not gunna start conspirricy fearys or any of that, but don't you think that jayde, who's been more or less heading all the action by the mod team lately, and aaron, who's pretty much just went along with whatever jayde wants because to be honest from what i've gavvered he seems kind of week willed and has a hard time making choices / standing up to people and having his voice, no afence aaron, are now the only mods? I mean come on, noone is gunna chalange jayde now, and aaron will pretty much go along with whoever because whatever. i wouldn't surprized if jayde is an admin pretty soon, heck i wouldn't be surprized if aaron steps down and leaves jayde in charge of everything for exactly the same reasons the other mods provided. Like ok, i get the drama facter. I get the hole part about kids being kids for the sake of being kids. I totally get that. What i just don't get, however, is why that made like 4 staff members step down in the last frickin week? It just seriously looks bad, and if you can't take a little heat you shouldn't have signed up to be a mod in the first place.

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2018-11-10 07:51:42

post 9, I could not agree any more

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2018-11-11 18:21:09

Hello @arqmeister,

I know, you are a very responsible administrator. What will happen if people like you will leave. All the good people are leaving the team like aprone and you, when you all should stand for the things going around the ag forum. I hope everything gets all together like before.

Best regards
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2018-11-11 18:54:51

Well, i'm not officially demoted yet. In fact, i took care of some reports this morning, and closed a topic yesterday lol. Just helping where i can until the powers that be removes my admin status.

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2018-11-12 04:06:26

Another one bights the dust, well not really, since you're still around.

I guess my only concern is there's no one around to unrestrict accounts.

There's been an account waiting to be unrestricted for a few days now and nothing's been done about it.

If they build up, new users may even start to lose patience for waiting so long.

It's a shame you can't designate a hand full of users to just do that.

Instead it's all or nothing with the mod duties.

I'm no way cut out for a moderator, I don't have the experience, I just help out where I can.

But yeah, I can understand the reason for calling it quits.

I just hope someone keeps an eye on that thread,otherwise, there won't be any new members signing up.

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2018-11-12 04:57:47

Thanks for the heads up, unrestricted that user. Anything else?

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2020-07-04 19:45:34

Not to revive this or anything, but he still listed as an administrator. It’s not that big of an issue or anything, I’m just curious why this never was changed
Also, my apologies if anyone saw this and thought one of our current admin‘s was stepping down

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2020-07-04 20:37:13

Why didn't you just PM Jade?

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2020-07-04 20:47:20

this is totaly nonesense, you could have simply pmed an admin about it as defender said

2020-07-04 21:08:28 (edited by manamon_player 2020-07-04 21:09:54)

thanks for all of your works for this comunity arqmeister
smile I just saw hes rank and didn't checked topic date

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2020-07-05 02:22:45 (edited by GrannyCheeseWheel 2020-07-05 02:24:35)

@Argmeister I totally get that and yeah I don't blame you.

So we've got a problem, as Haily pointed out, we have two staff members, and Aaron is a wisp of the wind type who has really never shown any semblance of willpower to me. Not that I think he's a bad person or anything, but that's not really what you want in a staff member.

I'm going to stay away from the conspiracy because it's counterproductive. If it's happening, there's nothing I can do about it, and if it's not, then I've slung mud needlessly. What I will say is that the forum really can't run with two people, and really one person, because Aaron hardly ever does anything mod related that I've seen. It's just not feasible.

We need more staff, pronto, or the admins should basically just be like OK anything goes, rules out the window, because it's going to get to that point. I saw this coming for about a year and a half now. I figured one day that we'd see Jayde as the only effective staff.

So what can be done? I feel like we need at least four moderators to run effectively, given that each of them will have their own lives outside of the forum. But we need people who will be dedicated to the cause, and do what needs doing.

I've never done this before, but for this reason, i want to throw my hat in the ring. Now, I know that the knee-jerk reaction will most likely be a resounding hell no, but let me lay out some things. I want to share my overarching goal as a user of this forum. Essentially, you've all just seen it take place with TLOU2.

That game had accessibility consultants working on it for the better part of three years. But not all games are as large as that. So, if an indie developer comes along and happens to see this forum, they're thinking they've hit the place to be to ask questions and so forth. But what do they receive? A mouth full of human feces. I've been trying to change that for so long now, almost my entire time being here, but I've finally realized that I can't. Or, not as a user at any rate.

My past actions have been misguided, I will admit. But they've all been to try to fulfill that one goal, to make this a place where developers can come and know that they're respected, and that they can get decent information from us. What I was doing before was like trying to push a boulder up hill. That's also tantamount to what Jayde's doing now, except through proper means, but the ends are still the same. he cannot effectively moderate this forum by himself.

I refuse to let people on this forum get me to the point where I'd do like I did with dan_gero. I knew back then that he'd not change and that I was basically poking the bear for no other reason than because I could. Even then, my goal for him was to try to get him to see the error of his ways and be a better person.

I'm over becoming angry at people, because it doesn't work. If it did, I'd have changed this place by now. But I can still help to change it going forward as a moderator. I can do that by enforcing the rules that are already in place and suggesting revisions or amendments to the team as situations arise that might make it prudent to draft them up. I can also keep tabs on the restricted room and mainstream those as they arrive.

I tend to think that when people think of me being in a position of power, they think I will go johnny rambow, but that's not what I'm about. I have no intention on going rogue and every intention of being a team player.

I do want things to be more welcome for developers though, and I have the passion to fight to make things that way. I also have no qualms about ruffling feathers, though that isn't my goal. I also will never be the super emotional type who says everyone gets a hug, and I get that makes me less approachable. But I would be willing to accept PM's from people and to talk over any issues they might have, as I would consider that not only a part of the job, but the right thing to do.

Look, I know it's not ideal with me just coming off a second ban. I will say this though, I feel like the first one was somewhat unfair and I wouldn't mind awfully much if it were stricken from the record. However, giving me a chance doesn't mean such a big risk when there are basically one staff member than it would if there were 3 or more. Also, with most of them being admins now anyway, I could be easily removed as a moderator. I would probably be skeptical of me anyway, but a trial run might help persuade some.

In a trial run, just remove me if I've done something inappropriate, kind of like how law enforcement gets suspended pending a review. If you do that review, and it turns out in my favor, add me back.

I think barring Jayde, I'm the only one with the dedication necessary to try my best to turn the tables and make this a place where developers are welcomed.

Edit: Oh wow, I didn't even realize this topic was almost three years old. What I've said though I feel is still relevant.

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2020-07-05 02:59:55

Hello folks. Despite not being one of the moderators around here, I already tryed this position somewhere else.. Everyone's emotional is heavily damaged due to the quarantine and the recent stuff. When you do volunteer work to help enhance something you enjoy being a part of and get a negativity storm in return, there will be no motivation to carry on trying to tide the mess. I no longer have the will to read everything as I had once, and I'm only a regular user.
Best regards, Haramir.

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