2018-11-07 15:56:32

I'm starting this topic in hopes that female gamers can find one another.
I've had wonderful interactions on here with male gamers.
But I admit, when I first joined the forum, I was extremely intimidated. I thought there would be no female gamers, and I felt that any of my questions would be 'stupid" ones.
Many thanks to Dark for making me feel welcome, as well as others who kindly answer my questions.
So this topic has the following.
1. If you are a female gamer and would like to identify as such, post here.
2. What are your favorite kinds of games?
3. What are your favorite games specifically?
4. Any advice for female gamers who may be new to the forum?

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2018-11-07 16:03:25 (edited by Mirage 2018-11-07 16:05:31)

My name is Mirage.
I've been a part of this forum for four years.
I joined in July 2014, because I discovered a game called Entombed. I was so excited, because I had no idea there was anything like that out there.
I was intimidated at first, thinking I would be the only female gamer here. I had no idea just how many games there were, much less gamers.
I've had a great experience on this forum. I've made friends, male and female alike, and I have learned about so many fun games. I've tried to share a few of my finds as well.
You can probably tell by looking at my topics, that my first love in gaming is Muds. I am a writer, so Muds are a perfect fit for me.
I also liked the Storm8 games before they went away - racing, vampire, etc.
I love, and would like to see more of, sim games such as Park Boss.
As for specific favorites, I am playing Feer right now, Night Commander, as well as a longtime favorite called Lost Cities.
My advice to any female gamers who are new to the forum is . . don't be afraid to jump in and ask questions. Nearly everyone here is friendly, helpful, and happy to see new gamers. And from me personally, welcome to the forum.

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2018-11-08 00:56:23

I'm a female gamer too. I like games with a challenge. I'm currently playing Manamon right now. As for a favorite, I really don't know.

2018-11-08 21:34:58 (edited by Mayana 2018-11-08 21:35:30)

Another girl here. I like a little bit of everything; shooting games (Example: World Of War), arcade ones (Marina Break), puzzles (Pawprints, Preludeamals), word games (BG Boggle), RPGs (Entombed, Hero's Call), MUDs (Alter Aeon), interactive fiction (Tingalan), ... so on and so forth. But my favorite ones are those with a good story, be they things like Code7 or CYOAs, which aren't really games but hey.
I honestly never thought about the fact that I was a female gamer as anything special. It never occurred to me. I'm a gamer, there're plenty of gamers. So my advice to other women would be to just not worry about it. Most likely, noone's gonna care. And if someone does start bitching about it, well, fuck 'em.

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2018-11-09 01:45:40

Hey Elizabaes, if you are playing manamon and need a trading buddy let me know. I can hook you up.

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2018-11-09 02:55:34 (edited by Naruto 2018-11-09 02:56:46)

well, I am not a woman, but there is no such thing as a stupid question. the only stupid question is the one you don't ask. anyhow, welcome.

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2018-11-09 04:19:13

@5, I have spare level 1 versions of 2 of the 3 starters. I haven't gotten the other one yet. I'm about to go through that stupid shadow kingdom, but that can wait if you need something

2018-11-09 04:47:42

Off topic: Zuckuss. Love your name. I just got my Star Wars Black Series Zuckuss figure. Bounty hunters are great. Go on with the conversation.


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2018-11-09 18:17:24

LOL at least someone knows who Zuckuss is. I didn't know there was a black series character for him. Elizabees, I don't need anything, but I'd be willing to do some trading with you to help you out in filling your manapedia. I have several saved files with manapedias. I even have 2 of each mythical, which as you may or may not be aware are a bitch and a halvf to catch.

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2018-11-09 18:20:45

As to shadow kingdom, it isn't that bad. I've actually gthought about doing a playthrough of manamon, or at least some of the tough areas. I can usually get through shadow kingdom in less than an hour.

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2018-11-09 18:57:08

Feel free to PM me Zuckuss. I need a Star Wars nerd friend.


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2018-11-09 19:03:19

do you know how i can get that mythic manamon  in that forest?

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2018-11-09 21:39:59

Uh, what mythical manamon in the forest? There is no mythical in a forest. Dragomier, I did PM you friend.

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2018-11-09 22:26:45

Zuckuss, replied.


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2018-11-10 01:51:20

I've done a lot of trading with myself, which is a headache and a half.

2018-11-10 03:55:30

Trading with myself is easy with two computers. Feel free to message or email me if you want.

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2018-11-10 07:44:48

Well, I only have 1 virtual machine, and I can't open ports.