2019-02-04 04:41:02

Yeah I think what we have right now should suffice. There's no better way of knowing than pushing it out there. At any rate it's miles better than what we have now, and the longer we wait the longer we allow users to sign up agreeing to an incomplete set of guidelines.

A couple things. First, would it be possible to add a sort of header to the site as was done after the recent period of downtime, letting users know of the change and urging them to have a quick read? At least keep it there for the first month or so. There's also the classic mass-email, "we've updated our policy" as an alternative.
Also, it might be nice to see less topics with names like, "help!", "questions", "why isn't this working?", "I'm about to rage!". If people are using search engines to locate content, I can see meaningful names being much more efficient. No penalty for not adhering, possibly put under #6 in the first section. But I mean there are some times when your legitimately raging and about to destroy something.

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